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One Life to Live Recap: Fire on Babylon

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Brody:  You vouched for her!  Your word got her released, and now look what she’s done!  My son is out there!  Do you really hate Natalie and me that much that you’d want to see this happen?

As Brody watches over Natalie through the window, John calls to update Bo on the Marty situation and Natalie’s ailments.  John and Brody decide to visit Dr. Buhari to gain some insight, but per her assistant, she’s not answering calls and she missed multiple appointments.  Brody discovers blood on the door, so John demands the key to her office where they discover Buhari’s bloody, lifeless body.  Alarm bells go off as they realize Marty was her last patient, and as John runs through the chain of events, Brody determines the fault lies with John for securing Marty’s release from St. Ann’s.  Brody gets physical with John, but when his words hit too close to home, John threatens to kill Brody if he ever dares challenge John again.  Brody apologizes, deeming his accusations too harsh, and the two men decide to team up rather than fight.

Viki tends to Natalie who’s memory remains blank.  Natalie asks for Liam, and Viki unconvincingly stalls until they’re surprised by a visit from Clint.  As Clint and Viki share obvious looks, Natalie realizes they’re hiding something.  When they step into the hall so Natalie can be seen by a nurse, Natalie asks the nurse for the remote control.  She turns on the television in time to see a news bulletin about Marty being on the run with Liam. 

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In the hall, Viki laments being “a terrible liar” until they hear Natalie scream.  Terrified, Natalie (Melissa Archer turned in a vulnerable and heartbreaking performance!) breaks down over son’s disappearance, and though Viki and Clint try their hardest, she can’t be calmed.  Clint phones Blanca, asking her for a favor.  Once Blanca arrives with her crew, they air a live report wherein Clint offers a million dollar reward for information leading to Liam’s safe return.

At the Minuteman, Marty is frantic to find the missing session tape.  She trashes the room and she grows more and more unhinged as Liam wails.  Rick, who had been editing his porn film until he was distracted by Liam’s screams, knocks on the door demanding that Marty calm the baby.  She tried and failed, so Rick pushes his way into the room and smarmily charms Liam into submission.  Marty claims an argument with her husband set off everything, but when Rick offers help, Marty declines and ushers him out, but not before he offers his card. 

Cutter forces a kiss on Wes, who pushes him away claiming he’s straight.  Cutter stammers until finally blurting that Tess is his wife and Wes is in fact Tess.  He explains that Jessica suffers from multiple personalities and citing Brody’s history with the twins as the source for Jessica’s split, though embellishing many of the details.  Wes takes Brody’s actions personally, and Cutter is stunned when he realizes Jessica has returned.  Determined not to lose his cash cow, Cutter provokes and verbally victimizes Jessica (like Ford before him) until Jessica splits back into Wes.  Wes decks Cutter, knocking him out, and talks up Brody’s merits before leaving.

Back in his room, Rick sees Clint’s on-air plea along with Marty’s picture, and excitedly leaps on the bed over the reward.  Shaken and worried about getting caught, Marty decides to take Liam and run, but before she’s able to leave the grounds, she runs into Wes.

As Matthew and Destiny process their run-in with Marty and Brody’s injury, Destiny admits she was happy that sex meant something to Matthew.  He reiterates as much and seals it with a kiss, which Dani spies.  Matthew heads home, and Dani pounces, pelting Destiny with questions about the kiss until Destiny blurts that she and Matthew had sex. 

After Bo speaks to John, Nora is astounded by Marty’s complete descent into madness seemingly overnight.  They receive a surprise visit from Blanca, who taunts them with a heads-up about her Matthew story: he killed Eddie Ford and Bo and Nora are covering up the crime.  In a panic, Nora threatens to sue, but Blanca insists it’s not defamation if it’s the truth.

Dani’s third degree is interrupted when Blanca passes through Angel Square, cozying up to Destiny while questioning Dani about Nate’s previous arrest.  When Blanca reveals she’s running with a story about Eddie Ford’s killer, Destiny rails at her for smearing Matthew’s name.  As Blanca leaves to see Clint, Destiny calls after her, begging her to bury the story.  Dani thinks Destiny need not worry because Blanca’s claims are false, but Destiny’s silence and tears eventually confirm the worst and Dani is stunned to realize Matthew killed Nate’s father.

Matthew returns home, and Bo and Nora confront him about Blanca’s plan, wondering who fed her the information.  Matthew realizes it came from Destiny, who was only trying to protect Matthew, and his parents blast him for opening his mouth.  Matthew can’t sleep and he stresses over the irreparable professional consequences Bo and Nora may face because of him.  He stuns them with his firm decision to turn himself in.