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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin tells Patrick to call the credit card company, but Patrick thinks Lisa is behind all of this.  Robin doesn’t want to jump to that conclusion just yet, and reminds him someone could have stolen his identity. Patrick feels he’s too busy to call and wants her to do it for him, but she says the company will only speak to him. 

Luke continues to goad Jason, claiming he lost nothing when Jake died, since he was only a glorified sperm donor.  Then, Luke punches Jason in the face.  Carly steps in front of Jason and tells Luke that he’ll have to hit her if he wants to hit Jason again.  Jason says he’s aware that he failed Jake, but Luke is failing Lucky every day.  Luke is angry that Jason dropped his kid off onto Lucky, who is now grieving that child’s death.  Carly tells Luke that he’s spiraling out of control and will go down in flames, but won't use Jason to do it.

Carly tells Luke to respect Jason’s grief, but Luke feels Jason isn’t entitled to grief.  He says Jason knocked up Liz and left Jake on Lucky’s doorstep. Then, he proceeded to go about his murderous ways and Lucky raised a child that wasn’t his.  Luke is angry that Jason is now claiming to suffer the loss of the child he gave up.  In turn, Carly reminds Luke of his bad parenting skills. Luke tells Jason he should be grateful that Jake was able to give Carly’s imperfect child a spare part.  Luke's comment infuriates Carly, who tells Luke to go back to Kelly’s and lose himself in a bottle.  Jason tells Luke that he won’t punish him, because he has to live with the truth of what he did every day and hopes Luke suffers a long time.

Carly and Jason head over to the penthouse and Carly apologizes for Luke’s behavior, but Jason feels Luke is responsible for himself.  Carly says she knows how hard it was for him to give up Jake.  Jason tells her about the motorcycle dream.

Kristina wonders why Lisa lied to her, but Lisa spins it stating that Kristina knew she was being fed hydrocodone. Lisa tells Kris that it was what she wanted and since a prescription would have required her mother’s consent, and both of them pretended that Lisa was giving Kris herbal supplements.  Kristina is shocked and insists she didn’t know the truth, so Lisa tells her to deal with her stress on her own.

Ethan explains to Johnny that a drugged up Kristina gives Lisa access to the Drake house.  Johnny feels Kristina likes to lie, and Ethan can’t believe that Johnny is suggesting Lisa is not responsible. 

Lisa comes by Johnny’s and the two make small talk about Anthony and his interest in her.  Johnny mentions being fine with his father living with him, because that way he can keep an eye on the truly insane.  Lisa wonders if he’s talking about Anthony or her.  Johnny wonders why she isn’t moving on with her life as she claimed, but Lisa insists that she is no longer hung up on Patrick, especially when he thought she had killed Jake.  Lisa’s angry that Patrick treated her like dirt and then accused her of being a baby killer.  She hates the sight of him. 

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Ethan goes back to Kristina and asks her to tell him the truth; did she get the pills herself and blame Lisa for it?  Kristina insists she isn’t lying and had no idea she was being drugged.  She goes on to explain how Lisa is now claiming she knew the truth and wanted to be drugged.  Ethan says he believes her, and reminds her that Lisa is lethal. He advises her to stay away from Lisa and to call him if she tries contacts her.  Kristina reaches over and holds his hand.  Luke walks in and sees it. 

When Kristina leaves, Luke warns Ethan that she’s a dangerous love sick jail bait little girl, but Ethan reminds him that Kris is 18. Luke wonders if his son has a death wish.  Ethan says she’s easy to talk to and tells Luke that whatever he’s doing is not working, because he looks like he’s waiting for something.  Luke claims he knows what needs to be done. 

Alexis stops by Jax’s to let him know that the courts have awarded them a 50/50 custody agreement.  Jax insists that Josslyn can’t live with Carly because it’s not safe. However, Alexis informs him that he has no proof of that and if he pushes it, he will be the one who looks bad to the judge. 

Alexis asks if Carly has committed any crimes and if Jax has proof, but Jax only wants to make sure that Josslyn is not exposed to criminals anymore.   Alexis says she’s getting uncomfortable with where this is heading and didn’t sign up to ban Carly from her daughter. Jax says he’ll claim Joss is in danger right now, using Michael being shot while standing beside Sonny as an example.  Alexis warns him this will blow up in his face and he will lose Josslyn. 

Carly gets the call that she has 50/50 custody and tells Jason.  Shawn shows up to pick her up and bring her to Josslyn. 

Johnny goes to the hospital and tells Patrick that he was right about Lisa putting on a show, and she’s still obsessed with Patrick.  Johnny runs into Olivia and wonders if there’s ever a time to give up on someone.  She says it depends on whom you’re giving up on and if that person is hurting themselves or others.  Olivia tells him that Claudia loved him and saw his heart break when he couldn’t save her.  Johnny claims that some women don’t want to be saved. 

Alexis drops off a care package for Sam and offers Jason her condolences about Jake.  She tells him he made the right decision in giving up his son for a safer life, but Jason points out the mob didn’t kill Jake. He wonders what Alexis’ real message is.  Alexis wonders if he and Sam decide to have a baby, how will they assess the danger?

Carly shows up at the hotel and tells Jax that she’s taking Josslyn because it's her day, since the agreement is four days on and four days off.  Jax tells her he’s going to get an emergency court order for full custody, for Josslyn’s immediate safety.  Carly tells him to do his worst, because Sonny’s never been convicted of a crime and he knew about Sonny and Jason when he married her.  She says she’s taken steps to protect Josslyn, and points to Shawn. However, Jax feels Shawn is as big of a threat as Franco, since she didn’t screen him properly. He knows this will reflect badly upon her and tells Carly to read the petition.

Lisa lets herself into the Drake’s house and goes down to the basement to take apart the hose on the water heater.  Robin gets home, hears a noise and heads to the basement. She gets there and the light doesn’t work, so instead of getting a flashlight, she heads down the stairs.