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New DAYS Writers Also Went Fi-Core During 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America Strike

Sigh. This is disheartening. A tipster just sent me a list of the writers who opted to go Fi-Core during the 2007-2008 Writers Strike and whaddya know, not only was Garin Wolf's name on the list, so were DAYS' new heading writing team of Darrell Thomas, Jr. and Marlene Poulter Clark.


While I am still beyond thrilled that Dena Higley (who also went Fi-Core)is out at DAYS, I can't help but wonder why Big Media couldn't have tried harder to find writers who actually stood by their union? Call me a Pollyjamey, but I want to believe that someone will stand up for the little guy, and when it comes to soap writers as opposed to the networks who own the soaps, the writers are most definitely the little guy.

We now have people who crossed the picket lines running the writing rooms at The Young and the Restless, General Hospital and DAYS, when it was thoroughly unnecessary because each soap's executive producer could have scripted their respective serial during the strike. These writers risked their careers, benefits, savings, etc. to fight for the right to be paid when the content they create is sold as DVD's or online and guess what? Soaps barely even have those opportunities, therefore the solidarity of the soap opera scribes who put down their pencils really wasn't even rewarded. They truly took one for the team. Whereas Wolf, Thomas, Poulter Clark and yes Hogan Sheffer, Maria Arena Bell and others didn't.

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 At any rate, I am definitely hoping that Wolf, Thomas and Poulter Clark manage to get GH and DAYS respectively back into shape creatively, and if they do so, we will praise them for it. I just hate that it has to be at the expense of so many union writers who stood up and fought for their rights.