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One Life to Live Recap: Unforgiven

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Clint:  Well, in the future, I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t sick your psychopathic ex-girlfriends on my family.  Agreed?


John organizes a task force, but he’s irritated upon hearing about Clint’s offer of a reward on Blanca’s show.  Viki makes a heartfelt appeal to Marty, but following the broadcast, they dismiss an insensitive Blanca.  Though he vows he’s indestructible, Clint appears drained once he heads back to his room.  Clint runs into John who admonishes him for compromising the investigation.  They toss zingers at each other until Clint returns to his room.  Clint is irritated when Blanca drops in.  She alerts him to her story that Matthew killed Eddie and Bo and Nora covered up the crime, and Clint stiffens.  He threatens to bury her if she runs with the story, but she’s unswayed, so Clint and Blanca make a deal.

Marty tries to leave the Minuteman, but she runs into Wes.  After her initial shock, Marty, who looks sane by comparison, transitions into barely-masked uneasiness as she gently points out that Wes may not be as he seems.  Wes is confused when Marty apologizes (for hurting Jessica), but he’s concerned and he offers to help find Marty’s tape in the morning.  He flips on the television and sees a news bulletin on Marty, and Marty panics.  Wes insists he’ll listen, but Marty fears that explaining will bring Jessica back and she’ll lose both an ally and a friend.  Wes succumbs to a memory of Jessica’s from New Year’s Eve as Marty begs to keep Liam.

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Rick sees Clint’s broadcast and scrambles to claim the reward.  He takes a photo of Marty and Liam, but getting nowhere with the tip line, he beelines it to the hospital.  Rick runs into and annoys John, but John’s interested when Rick says he has information on Liam.  Rick wants the reward, but John threatens him and reminds him a child is at stake, and Rick gives up Marty.

Natalie’s fears kicks into overdrive, and she goes into CSI mode to compensate.  Reluctantly, Brody fills in Natalie and Viki on Dr. Buhari’s death, and Viki’s horrified, though not entirely convinced that such random violence fits with Marty’s pattern.  Natalie realizes Marty have been after her session tape, and Natalie remembers that she swiped it shortly before Marty’s rampage began.  Viki, Brody, and Natalie walk through the course of events, but Natalie still can’t recall what was on the tape.  After John and Brody leave for the Minuteman, Viki reassures Natalie and they sit vigil as they await Liam’s safe return.  Later, John, Brody and a swarm of cops bust into Marty's room and encounter something surprising.

Matthew is determined to turn himself in, but Nora demands that he trust his parents.  He’s focused on the consequences to Bo and Nora and he knows no matter how much thought they give the situation, Matthew and Clint’s months-long code of silence sealed Matthew’s fate.  Nora freaks, and she begs Bo to stop Blanca, who he tracks to the hospital.  Parents and child are at an impasse, desperate to protect each other.  Bo already lost one son, and he pleads with Matthew to at least let him try to salvage the situation.  Nora kisses her son goodbye, ordering him to stay hidden from the outside world. 

Unbeknownst to the girls, Nate overhears when Dani figures out that Matthew killed Eddie.  Destiny claims Dani’s theory is crazy, but after Dani pieces everything together, Destiny admits the truth and swears Dani to secrecy, crying that she can’t lose Matthew in this way.  Nate has slipped away, and Destiny explains everything, surprising Dani with the news that Clint is behind Matthew’s silence.  Both Destiny and Dani fear Nate’s reaction, but Dani realizes Nate is bound to find out even if she’s not the one to tell him.

As Matthew stares at a picture of he and his parents from the night he was paralyzed, there’s a loud, angry knock at the door.  He opens the door, and immediately, Nate delivers a true sucker punch, an uppercut that sends Matthew flying into a table.  As Matthew writhes in pain, Nate forces him to admit guilt.  Matthew explains the events of the night Eddie died, but Nate takes issue with Matthew’s claims that he was protecting his mother, and that Clint ordered Matthew to keep silent.  Nate believes “spoiled little rich kid” Matthew’s actions begin and end with Dani, and he threatens to turn in Matthew if Matthew doesn’t do it himself.  Alone and hurting, Matthew caresses the picture of his family, which has shattered.

Bo and Nora arrive at the hospital to find out Blanca is running a live exclusive naming Eddie’s killer.  Panicked, they burst into the room but they’re stunned to hear Clint claiming responsibility for the murder.