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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis wonders what has changed in Jason’s life to allow him to have a baby with Sam.  Jason feels no one can keep their kid safe at all times.  Alexis points out that Jax is worried about Josslyn’s safety and it’s a high price to pay to have a baby in Jason's line of work. Sam comes downstairs and wonders if her mother is fine with her having a baby, just not with Jason. She goes on to remind her mother that giving up Jake didn’t keep him safe.  Alexis says it was a random accident and she’s worried about Sam, but will ultimately support whatever decision JaSam decide to make. She apologizes if she upset Sam in any way and leaves.

Jason offers to make a sandwich for Sam, but she wants to talk about their potential baby. She tells him that his feelings matter and it’s ok if he doesn’t want to have a baby.  Jason tells her he doesn’t want her to deny herself anything because of him, but Sam says it’s his decision too.  She apologizes for Alexis’ lecture, and doesn’t want him to feel any more pain. 

Jax informs Carly that Shawn is a threat to Josslyn and has the paperwork to prove it.  Carly says Shawn is protecting them from Franco.  After much back and forth, Shawn decides to quit, even though Carly doesn’t want him to be bullied by Jax.  Shawn assures her that Jax’s security team can protect her from Franco and leaves.

Carly’s angry, but Jax says Shawn was a violent man, who changes allegiance depending on who’s giving him the most money. Jax reassures her that he has his own security team in place.  Carly wants to know if Jax expects her to be a good mother and go along with his plans. She wonders how long it will be before she’ll be expected to stay away for good.

Lisa, thrilled that Robin went into the basement, quickly runs upstairs and locks her in.  Robin begs to be let out, as Lisa explains that Robin will die from exposure to gas.  Robin tells her Patrick will figure it out and hate her, but Lisa doesn’t care about Patrick. She feels he used her and threw her away. Lisa is confident that the breadcrumbs she’s left will point the finger at Patrick for Robin’s death. 

Brenda tells Sonny that she hired a nanny for Alec.  She’s upset that Alec asked for Carly when he woke up during the night.  Sonny doesn’t really know how to defend his actions anymore.  Brenda’s mad he didn’t give her a heads up when they took off after Suzanne and feels he lied to her. 

Brenda feels she’s making all the concessions in their marriage; she uprooted her life and moved into his life, with his things.  Sonny explains they’re merging their lives, but he can’t go off and live in Rome with her because he has responsibilities here.  She’s worried about Alec, but he assures her that Alec will come around. 

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Michael asks Kristina for help with Physics.  She wonders about his sudden interest in homework, but he points out that it’s important to Abby. So, he figures he should try to make an effort and Kris should be happy about that.  Kristina makes a crack about having to like a stripper just because she gets Michael to study, which angers Michael. In turn, he points out that she and Abby are similar, because they were both involved in abusive relationships. Michael feels Kris shouldn’t judge her.  Kristina starts crying, saying she’s a horrible person who deserves to lose everything.  Michael asks if she’s on something and she admits she was on hydrocodone, but didn’t know it.

Kristina explains about Lisa, but swears she isn’t hooked.  Michael asks for the pills, but she says she gave them to Ethan, who’s helping her through withdrawal.  Michael’s not happy about Ethan’s involvement, but she says Ethan forgave her after what she did and understands her.  Michael feels Ethan is using her and Kris angrily tells him to stop saying that, as Alexis walks in. She overheard part of Michael and Kris' conversation and wonders what’s going on. 

Michael lies and says he’s not going to graduation, but Kris says he deserves to be there. Alexis agrees, saying he’s overcome a lot and they're proud of him. She pushes that it’s an important ceremony.  Michael agrees to go.

After Alexis leaves, Kristina thanks Michael for not spilling the beans about the drugs. She feels stupid for having trusted Lisa, but Michael assures her none of it was her fault.

Carly catches up with Shawn and asks him to reconsider being their guard.  She plays the Franco card.  Shawn points out that Jason can get another guard, but she doesn’t want to burden Jason in his time of grief. She plays to his feelings by saying he would never forgive himself if something happened to her and Joss.  Shawn agrees to stay on, but warns her that it will get ugly when Jax uses the info against them. 

Jason meets with Sonny to give him an update on the hunt for the hit woman, Michael dating Abby and the CarJax custody issue.  Sonny explains that Brenda is scared of her son and angry about Carly’s involvement.  Sonny says he had doubts about Brenda fitting into his lifestyle, but swore this time he would make it work. However, with a child in the picture that he can't protect, he wonders if he should tell Brenda they can't be together for the sake of the child.  Jason wonders if he can live with that. 

Alexis visits Sam again to apologize about earlier.  Sam says she was right about Jason. The thought of having a baby is killing him, especially since he had no chance at a relationship with Jake.  Alexis wonders if Sam wants a baby to make Jason feel better, and Sam admits it would help stop the grief from swallowing him whole.  She admits she still misses her baby, and Alexis warns her a baby should be her decision.

Brenda goes to Jax to thank him for the nanny recommendation.  The two talk about his divorce and her fears of motherhood.  She’s angry about Carly, but Jax feels Sonny did that to protect her, but Brenda says she could have handled it.  Brenda admits that marriage is harder than she thought and Jax agrees.

Carly shows up and Brenda tells her she has no issues with Carly for going to Texas. She thanks her for being great with Alec and keeping his mind distracted during the Suzanne debacle.  Carly accepts thank you and tells Jax that every child belongs with its mother.

Lisa has a clear getaway, but decides to come back and check on Robin, who is passed out on the basement floor.  Lisa explains her evil machinations, as all evil doers must, and is ready to send Patrick and Robin to Hades.  Robin, who was only pretending, grabs Lisa and claims she’ll see her there.