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One Life to Live Recap: Survival of the Sickest

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TM:  For eight years?  I’ve been here for eight years?!

Word gets back to the undisclosed location that John McBain was inquiring about Todd’s encrypted file.  Agent Baker questions the scarred man, who loses it upon realizing he’s been in the facility for nearly a decade.  Baker demands to know about McBain, but the scarred man is clueless; the mention of Llanview, however, rings a bell.  Much to the scarred man’s amusement, Baker’s questions and assumptions grow more and more fervent, but he’s confused when Baker demands to know where “it” is.

Clint stupefies Bo, Nora, and even Blanca when he not only confesses to Eddie Ford’s murder, but to nearly every single other crime he committed in the last year, save for Rex’s paternity test.  He winks that he was excellent in covering his tracks, but the time has come to tell the truth.  Nora deems his actions “suicide by interview,” and Bo shuts down Blanca, warning her that she’s now interfering with a police investigation. 

After Blanca leaves, Bo is protective of his brother’s health, as Nora suspects an agenda and badgers Clint about his timing.  Surprised Bo kept quiet, Clint tells Nora he’s dying, which Bo confirms.  Nora accuses Clint of wanting to be seen as a martyr, but he asks for nothing.  He can’t help Liam, but maybe can save Matthew.  He admits to being the very reason Matthew is in his current predicament, and in owning the blame, he feels justice will be served.  As Bo and Nora leave, Clint begs them to allow him this; his life is over while Matthew’s is just beginning.

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A shocked Rama and Aubrey watch Clint’s broadcast, wondering why he’s condemning himself to life in prison.  Both women worry about how this will impact their husbands. Aubrey decides she must come clean to Joey before Clint does, but Rama orders her to keep quiet, fearing both women will lose everything.

Kelly awakens to Dorian, who’s been by her side the entire time, as has Joey.  While Dorian gives them time alone, she’s floored to see Clint’s televised confession.  Joey apologizes to Kelly for his treatment of her, apprising her of Cutter’s disgusting plan to sell Jessica back to the family and how Aubrey and Cutter’s story fell apart before his eyes.  He now knows the whole truth and gives Kelly license to mock him for being so blind, but just hates that he got hurt. 

He tells of her Clint’s advisement that he not tip his hand until Jessica is safe, but after Dorian barges in to inform them of Clint’s kamikaze interview, Joey decides he should throw caution to the wind with Kelly.  Before they can discuss their feelings, Joey heads to the mansion to confront Aubrey.  In his absence, Dorian encourages Kelly to reunite with Joey, but her growing involvement with John has made her reticent.

Rex visits with a terrified and tearful Natalie.  She tells him of Clint’s reward offer, and though they have differing opinions on their father, Rex knows Clint would do anything for the family he loves.  Rex gives Natalie a milkshake at Roxy’s behest, who’s stranded in Las Vegas.  Natalie reluctantly divulges Dr. Buhari’s murder, and Rex immediately worries about the impact on Shane.  She admits she re-took Marty’s tape, and though she knows she listened and something crucial was said, her memory is still blank, though she remembers kissing Brody.  Rex debates her feelings for Brody versus John, but Natalie thinks both options are moot. 

In the hall, Blanca’s team assaults Rex with Clint’s continued refusal to acknowledge him as a son, and Rex shoos them away, though he’s upset.  John sits with Natalie, begrudgingly informing her that their lead on Liam was a failure.  When she dissolves into sobs, he kisses her forehead and comfortingly holds her.

John and Brody, accompanied by the task force, bursts into Marty’s room at the Minuteman, but only find Wes.  As Brody explains the new alter, John shakes his head and steps out to give Brody the chance to clear things up.  Wes covers for Marty, even as Brody reveals the extent of Marty’s crimes.  Brody grows desperate, demanding Wes help and appealing to Jessica. 

Cutter regains consciousness and laments that his wife is now “a dude who thinks he’s gay.”

Tess reemerges, as John returns and orders Brody to back off.  Cutter shows up, thrilled to see Tess, who taunts John and Brody over the situation, though she vows she has no memory of Marty.  She’s aware of Wes’ existence, but she’s surprised he came out because Bess keeps him locked up.  When Cutter and Tess try to leave, Brody arrests Tess as an accessory.