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DAYS Exec Talks Emmys, NBC and Vet Firings

Days of Our Lives

Greg Meng, an executive in charge of production at Days of Our Lives, recently did an interview with GoldDerby, in which he addressed the lack of Emmy love for DAYS over the years, the firing of veteran actors, and the show's staying power in the struggling days of daytime:

"We are the only Daytime Drama on NBC. And some people have thought, 'Wow, you must be at a little bit of a disservice there' because the other networks have more than one daytime drama so they block together and protect each other. But we've had nothing but incredible support from NBC. In many ways, maybe that's been part of our success because the network has been behind us 100%. But we also, the show over the years...has stuck to the basic principles in telling the story in an honest way."

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