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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lisa's surprised to see Robin alive and well, and even more so when Mac and Patrick appear. Mac tells Lisa she’s under arrest for attempted murder.  Lisa tries to spin it, saying she was there to help Robin, but it turns out the Drake's figured out Lisa’s plan. The credit card purchases and gas leak Internet searches led them right to her. Also, Kristina called and explained to them that Lisa had access to their home on occasion.   On top of that, Robin recorded Lisa explaining her actions. 

Lisa starts backpedalling, saying Patrick wanted her and was happy she was obsessed with him. None of her words matter, because Mac drags her down to the PCPD. Once there, she immediately calls Johnny to come help her. 

Sonny feels Brenda and Alec would be better off without him and Jason reminds him to be honest with her.  The two discuss Sam’s surgery, but Jason’s assures him nothing about a baby has been decided yet.  Sonny tells him not to let anyone pressure him and Jason understands there are no guarantees in life. 

Brenda’s grateful to Carly for helping Alec.  Carly explains that Alec handled things well. Carly switches gears to Jax and wants Brenda to convince him to compromise. However, Brenda doesn’t want to get involved in their drama and leaves.

Carly wonders about Jax’s double standard of supporting Brenda and Alec in the mob life, but waning to drag her through court for basically the same thing. Jax is quick to remind Carly that Joss is his child, and not Alec.  He jogs her memory of her feelings after Michael was shot, but she tells him not to bring up Michael.  He says the kids have been through a lot because of Sonny.  Carly reiterates that the judge ruled 50/50 and warns him that she’ll tell the judge he’s not cooperating. 

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Jax tells her she can visit Josslyn at the hotel, but Carly doesn’t want him to control her and won’t visit her daughter.  She tells him she’ll be back later to pick up Josslyn, and to have her ready. 

Michael breaks into Johnny’s apartment and starts riffling through some papers.  Anthony shows up with a shotgun, figuring he now has the green light to protect himself.  Michael says he’s looking for information and asks where to find the hit woman.  Johnny shows up and tells his father to put the gun down. 

Johnny wonders what Michael is thinking, but Michael says he’s looking for the hit woman to prove Abby’s innocence. Michael swears that he will owe Johnny one if he helps him.  Johnny tells the young man to leave, saying he’ll handle it. Once Michael’s gone, Johnny turns on his father, angry that the gun could have gone off.  Anthony points out that Michael trusts Johnny and he should use that to his advantage. Anthony thinks his son is too soft and this weakness will make it easier for enemies to mow him down. Johnny feels that the past is over, and they should move on.  Anthony claims he’ll replace Johnny with someone else to take over, but Johnny says he has his own connections. Johnny lets his father know that he couldn’t take him out when he was five, and he won’t now.  Anthony claims to be proud of Johnny’s sudden backbone. 

Brenda goes to Sonny and tells him about thanking Carly for rescuing Alec. She also thanks Sonny for doing the same.  Brenda understands Sonny's hate for Jax, but Sonny promises not to dictate who her friends should be.  Brenda says she’s afraid to be with her son, but Sonny swears she’ll be a good mother.  Brenda wonders how safe their lives are.  Sonny swears most of his enemies understand that family is off limits, but he has the guards in place and will do everything to make sure they are safe.  As he’s saying this, Anthony is on the phone with someone complaining about Sonny’s arrogance. He tells the mysterious listener that something bad has to happen to Brenda.

Jason comes home to find Michael waiting for him, and isn’t happy when Michael explains what happened at the Zacchara's. Once again, Jason tells Michael that he needs to leave it alone and let Jason handle it.  Michael doesn’t want Abby going to prison, but Jason says he couldn’t handle Jake’s funeral and doesn’t want to go to Michael’s. 

Robin and Patrick are glad Lisa’s gone and the two appreciate what they have with each other.  The recently reunited pick up Emma from daycare and return home. Patrick presents Robin with her rings, while they talk about how happy they are to be a family again. 

At the PCPD, Lisa complains about how she’s being treated, but Mac doesn’t care.  He has the recording plus her computer, and figures she’s going down premeditated attempted murder. 

Jason has the Jake/motorcycle dream, again.  Carly shows up and he mentions the dream.  She says she’s sorry she wasn’t able to be with him during that time.  She asks him if he thinks she’s a bad mom and wonders if she’s taking chances with Josslyn.  Jason tells her not to doubt herself.  She wishes Jax would agree to the 50/50 custody, because she doesn’t want this to go to court.  Jason feels Josslyn needs her and Carly will be an excellent mother to her.

Johnny stops by to see Lisa, who admits she screwed up, but swears she’s done with the Drake's. Lisa asks him to help her escape and start a new life.  Johnny says he warned her and isn’t happy that she used Kristina in her plan. He informs his sometimes lover that it’s too late.  Lisa tells him not to give up on her like he gave up on Claudia.  A disgusted Johnny leaves her alone.