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One Life to Live Spoilers: Matthew is Rushed to the Hospital!

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An emergency surgery, a person committed and blackmail plague the citizens of Llanview. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of May 23.

Matthew/Destiny/Bo/Nora: Matthew will be shocked to hear abut Clint's confession. Destiny will plead with him let Clint take the fall for him. While all this goes on, Matthew will have a pounding headache. Bo and Nora will inform Matthew about Clint's fatal heart condition. However, Matthew is still going to feel like he must tell the truth. Matthew will attempt to tell his parents that Dani and Destiny know the truth, but will suddenly collapse. Bo and Nora will rush Matthew to the emergency room, where he is immediately taken into surgery due bleeding on the brain. Bo and Nora will call Destiny to ask if she knows how Matthew received a blow to the head. Destiny is going to freak out and head to the hospital. Word about Matthew will quickly travel around Llanview. Nate will wonder if he is behind Matthew's injury. Will Matthew pull through the surgery?

Cutter/Tess: Clint will get some bad news about Tess and Cutter's marriage from Tea. Cutter is going to make a deal with Clint to have Tess committed. Tess will be at Capricorn when Cutter shows up to have her committed. Orderlies will drag her away to St. Ann's, as she screams for Ford, who is also at Capricorn on a date, to help her. Later on, Cutter will give Viki and Clint a ridiculous list of his demands, including a lot of money and Asa's mansion. What does Cutter have up his sleeve? 

Blair: Blair and Tomas are going to kiss and make up. The two will get a room at the Palace and are about to seal the deal, when Todd calls Tomas about a problem. Will Blair ever learn about dating the bad guys?

Todd/Tea/Tomas/Marty: Todd returns home and will be extremely angry to find out Tomas has been living in his home. Tea believes that Tomas is going to move out, but he will inform his sister and brother in law that he is not vacating anytime soon. Once Tea leaves, Todd is going tell Tomas to get out, by pointing a gun at him. When Tea comes back, Todd will tell her that he wants Tomas to stay, much to Tea's surprise. Brody will soon arrive to question Todd about Marty and Liam's whereabouts. Todd is not going to care about what Brody wants, but Tea gives him permission to search premises. Brody's will not find any clues, but asks Todd to call him if he hears a peep from Marty.

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It turns out that Brody can't find his hand in front of his face, because Marty and Liam will have been hiding in Todd's pool house the whole time. Marty will make herself known to Todd and blackmail him with a disc that has information about him and Tomas. Todd will be forced to hide Marty. When John shows up, Marty is going to hide, but Todd will give John some pretty evasive answers to his questions. Todd's behavior will pique John's interest in the villain. Brody and John are going to have a pow-wow about Todd's possible involvement in aiding Marty. Todd will inform Tomas about Marty's knowledge of their secret. Tomas is going to take it upon himself to take care of Marty, forever. (Side Note: I SWEAR if Tomas kills Marty, I. Will. Riot!) Has Marty met her match in Tomas? 

Brody/Roxy: Brody will make another appeal to Tess to get Jessica to come back, but will get Bess instead. Bess is going to give Brody a clue in the search to find Liam and Marty. (Side Note: Is Bess psychic now?) Brody will also tell John that he is sorry for going off on him. Meanwhile, Roxy will hire a psychic in an attempt to find Liam. Will Brody find Liam and Marty?

John/Kelly: John will continue his search for Marty and Liam by starting with Kelly. John is going to visit Kelly to see if she can remember anything else about Marty. The two will end up talking about Joey and Natalie. Will Kelly be able to give John new information?

Aubrey/Joey: Aubrey will attempt to tell Joey the truth, but Joey will quickly inform her that he already knows. Aubrey will vow to Joey that she is truly in love with him, but Joey doesn't care and tells her to leave immediately. However, Aubrey is going to remind him that they must remain together to keep custody of Ryder. Joey will be unhappy to say the least. Will Joey be able to put up with Aubrey for Ryder's sake?

Starr/James: James is going to plan a romantic evening for Starr at the Palace. The couple will admit they love each other and head for the bedroom. However, the two will never actually make love because of several interruptions. Will James and Starr ever hit the sheets?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (May 30):

  • Bo and Nora receive dreadful news.
  • Roxy accidentally tells John about Brody and Natalie's kiss.
  • Clint's condition rapidly deteriorates.
  • Marty is pissed to find out Natalie is alive.
  • Rama and Aubrey get into a heated argument.
  • Joey wants to divorce Aubrey to reunite with Kelly.