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The Bold and The Beautiful Summer Spoilers!

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Ridge/Brooke/Thomas: Logan is taken aback by her stepson's lie regarding their time on the island. Thomas' deception has huge ramifications for Stephanie and Brooke's relationship, as well as her marriage to Ridge. Brooke will shock everyone with how far she will go to show Ridge how much she loves him.

Whip/Taylor/Ridge/Brooke/Nick: Doc's marriage to Mr. Jones takes a downward spiral. Meanwhile, Taylor gets help from a shocking source. Stephanie is also in her corner. The Forrester matriarch tries to get Nick to woo Brooke once again.Nick will always care for Brooke, but will he pursue her again?

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Steffy/Bill/Katie: The Spencers fight to repair their marriage as  Bill is still consumed with thoughts of Steffy.

Thomas/Dayzee/Marcus: The Forrester heir's guilt starts to eat at him about the lies he's spinning. Meanwhile Marcus returns from Paris wants to get back with Dayzee. Marcus notices something isn't right with Thomas.

Amber/Liam/Hope/Oliver: Mr. Jones feels confident once "baby Spencer" is born, he is home free with Hope. Liam and Hope continue to fight to keep their relationship.

Justin/Donna/Marcus/Eric: The Barber clan begins to get closer, but Marcus is torn between his bio dad and Eric, who adopted him. Uh, Marcus, you were like 25 when Eric adopted you. Move on!

Owen/Jackie: The Knights decide to help Nick bring Jackie M back as a big player in the fashion world.