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The Young and the Restless: Summer Spoilers!

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Victor/Diane/Adam: As I told ya before, the Newman black sheep partners up with Diane to take down Victor. Everyone in Genoa City knows if you toss in with Adam, you may get burned, but Diane doesn't care. She is so pissed about getting kicked to the curb without a payday she is down for whatever Adam has planned. Watch for the duo to hatch a scheme that is textbook Newman.

Billy/Victoria/Daniel/Phyllis/Daisy: Big Red decides to have Daisy come back so she can use the nutjob to gain custody of Lucy. Everyone thinks Daisy's checkered past will greenlight Billy and Victoria's quest to gaining custody of the baby. It won't. Look for the fallout to send Billy back to his drunken badboy days, as his marriage begins to falter.

Colin/Lily/Caleb/Genevive: Caleb and Colin have been working together for months to convince Lily she's been seeing Cane. Colin wants custody of the twins and is determined to get them away from Lily by making everyone think she's crazy. Colin doesn't expect the can of worms he's opened by enlisting the sinister Caleb's help. Cane's brother may share his face, but his heart is straight lethal. How will Genevieve play into this. All is definitely not what it seems with any of the Ashby twins... 

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Neil/Sofia/Malcolm: Same song, different melody with the Winters brothers. Sofia finally spills the truth about her baby's paternity, due to a health crisis.

Victor/Jack/Kay/Ashley/Abby/Diane/Tucker: Kay turns on her late BFF John's daughter when she not only forbids Ashley from seeing Tucker, but ousts her from Jabot. Both Victor and Jack want to get their hands back on the cosmetics giant. Cue a visit from the Ghost of John Abbott to help Kay make her decision. Meanwhile, Abby remembers driving the night Tucker was hit, but Ash insists it was her. Knowing how drunk the Naked Heiress was, Ash vows to protect her daughter at all cost.

Sharon/Sam: The pair begins to bond even more. Will Sharon find love on the farm?