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Days Of Our Lives: Summer Spoilers!

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Rafe/Sami/CloneRafe/Stefano/Nicole/EJ/Taylor/Bo/Hope: Det. Hernandez and his spitfire wife figure out CloneRafe snuffed Fay out. The two team up with Bo and Hope to bust CloneRafe. Rafe and Sami break into the DiMera mansion to reenact Fay's fatal tumble down the stairs. CloneRafe and the couple have a showdown resulting in CloneRafe to own up to killing Fay. Taylor hears everything and wants him to pay for killing her mother. She tells EJ and Nicole about what she hears. EJ's guilt starts to gnaw at him since he brought CloneRafe to Salem.

Jennifer/Daniel/Carly: Ms. Devereaux is stunned when she discovers remnants of drugs in Carly's room. Jen doesn't understand why her BFF would look to drugs for comfort. Jennifer spots Carly and Daniel together and watches her friend's demeanor and figures out Carly loves Daniel.

Quinn/Chloe/Vivian: The songbird is elated about her new beau Quinn, until he shows his true colors. Quinn starts to blackmail Chloe into being a hooker. Vivian will play a key role in this storyline.

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Brady/Melanie/Dario: The Kiriakis heir learns EJ is tied to Arianna's death and is looking for payback! Brady and EJ fight on the pier, with EJ being beaten to a pulp. Melanie arrives and stops Brady from killing EJ. The two rush EJ to the hospital and lucky for them, he doesn't remember who gave him the beat down. Look for a big cover up to take place so Brady isn't found out. Everyone knows if Stefano and Victor finds out what happened, another Dimera/Kiriakis war will take place.

Will/Gabi: Prom night is going to be big for the teens. Will finally tells Gabi he loves her and has a romantic prom night planned for the two.

Chad/Abigail: The two's budding relationship is going to be tested. Kate knows Abby is going to be a problem with Stefano trying to create a relationship with Chad.