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One Life to Live Recap: Mystery of Iniquity

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Joey:  That’s right, Aubrey, I know everything!  I know that the woman who I loved, who I stood up for to my family, is nothing more than a lying, scheming, gold-digging bitch!

Aubrey faces an embittered Joey, blurting  that she loves him so much, but she’s stunned when he turns on her.  Joey details his new-found well of knowledge, and Aubrey admits to everything.  Joey was the latest mark, but his love changed her.  Aubrey played him for a fool, but the scheme of selling Jessica is all Cutter, angling to make Aubrey pay.  She pleads for forgiveness, but when Joey throws her out, she blackmails him with Ryder’s tenuous living situation.  She asks for a chance to prove her love and commitment while they honor the judge’s decree.

John visits Kelly, and she’s not quite shocked when John tells her about Natalie’s swan dive and Liam’s kidnapping.  She knows it’s personal for John, and she wonders if his perspective has changed.  Kelly realizes that for as crazy as Marty is, she’s right about one thing: John and Kelly were nothing more than two lonely hearts biding time.  He thinks she’s set to reunite with Joey, while she inquires if that’s his plan with Natalie; he’s typically inscrutable.  Kelly believes in the power of good will, and she cheerfully sends it out into the universe for Liam’s safe return.  They wish each other well, putting their dalliance to bed.

Agent Baker continues to pump the scarred man for information about “it,” but the man grows frustrated at being asked the same question incessantly.  Baker shows him a picture of Tomas, but the man is stumped.  He asks Baker to be more specific, but Baker takes his sarcasm as a sign of dissent.  If he’s unable to produce the necessary information, it’s time for him to die.

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A distrusting Shaun accuses Todd, who’s home from the hospital, of lying about Tomas.  Later, Shaun shocks Dani when he wonders about the girl Matthew is sleeping with, but she keeps mum as Shaun insists they’re all too young for sex.  Todd enters, livid over discovering that Tomas has been living in his home, but he eventually admits to overreacting.  He tries to fire Shaun, claiming the threat against him is gone, but Dani and Shaun disagree. 

Tomas is grateful Tea is defending him again, but still suspicious, she’s only interested in providing her client with the best defense.  Tomas cryptically suggests that Todd’s recantation is on the level because he’s a different man.

In Bo’s office, Nora remains stunned by Clint’s confession, but when Bo likens it to a noble act, Nora vows that it’s justice.  Bo disagrees and thinks Matthew will as well, but Nora insists they should direct Matthew to live with it and refuses to entertain any other option. 

Tea moves to secure Tomas’ release, but Bo’s adamantly opposed.  Nora points out that their case is too thin, and she drops the charges.  Bo warns Tomas, who respects Bo’s commitment, that the case will remain open and he’ll continue to be a person of interest.  Nora is taken aback when Bo spits that he hates seeing anyone get away with a crime.

Tea and Tomas return home.  Tea is disconcerted by “best buds” Todd and Tomas’ behavior, but she orders Tomas to move out by the time she returns from dealing with a legal matter of Clint’s.  Tomas blackmails Todd into changing his mind, but Todd pulls a gun instead.

Deanna informs Nate of Clint’s confession, and he thinks it’s impossible because he knows Matthew is the true culprit, and he forced Matthew to admit as much.  Nate fumes about Matthew staying quiet while he and his mom suffered (even though Nate stupidly confessed and Inez was in jail - for less than twenty-four hours no less - for drugging the police commissioner, not murdering Eddie), and he confides that he found out the truth by eavesdropping on Destiny and Dani’s conversation.

Matthew’s head is throbbing from his confrontation with Nate when an overjoyed Destiny arrives gushing about Clint’s confession.  Matthew’s confused and opposed to his uncle taking the blame, but Destiny begs him to let it stand.  She blurts that Dani knows the truth, but before Matthew can tell Destiny about his altercation with Nate, he’s crippled by a searing headache.  Destiny retrieves aspirin and Matthew, again, tries to confide in her, but she cuts him off with her babbling, vowing that he can trust her while promising to do damage control with Dani. 

Destiny and Dani arrive at Nate’s apartment simultaneously, and Destiny shocks Dani with the news of Clint’s confession.  She pleads with her to keep Matthew’s secret as Nate finds them in the hall.  He tells Dani of Clint’s confession to gauge her reaction, and she feigns shock and acceptance, much to Nate’s dismay.

Bo and Nora return home to Matthew lying on the couch in the dark.  He confronts them with his confusion over Clint’s confession, and they regretfully tell him that Clint is dying and wants to make amends out of love for him.  Though stunned, Matthew remains committed to confessing.  Bo and Nora beg him to reconsider as he moves toward the door, but before he can tell them that Nate now knows the truth, he suddenly collapses.