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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick And Adam Team Up!

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The brothers bond over Sharon. Nick and Adam take a trip to New Mexico to visit a forensic scientist to clear Sharon's name. The truce between the Newman brothers doesn't last long, because the siblings clash once again.


The socialite's date with the bottle causes a downward spiral. Nikki figures out Abby is the one responsible for Tucker's hospitalization, courtesy of AA

Katherine/Ashley: The grand dame and her goddaughter's (check the Y&R history) relationship is greatly strained because of Abby's actions. Kay fires Ashley from Jabot and bans her from seeing Tucker! Things go from bad to worse for Ash, when she is charged with attempted murder.

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Jack/Jabot: Old Smilin' pleads his case for taking over Jabot to Katherine. Jack gloats to Victor about being close to gaining Jabot, but Jack is in for a rude awakening. Victor is plotting to take over Jabot with Kay's knowledge! Katherine starts to feel guilty about who she chooses to take over Jabot, but things change when John's ghost appears to her. John weighs in on who should run Jabot and it gives Kay food for thought.

Abby: The naked heiress tries to set things right and confesses she set up Tucker to head to the cabin. Abby thinks her revelation will set Ashley free, but instead it digs a bigger hole for her mother.


Big Red's latest scheme has a fallout she didn't anticipate.

Caleb/Lily/Colin: The Aussie mobster's plot to take his grandchildren from his daughter in law starts to crack. Caleb wants the plan to speed up and snuff out Lily, Jill and Neil.  Colin orders Caleb not to harm anyone. It seems Caleb is the one responsible for Samantha's death, not Cane. Colin doesn't want a repeat performance from his son.

The Ashby's schemes regarding Lily continue to work, as she starts to think she is losing her mind, but refuses to get help. Caleb wants to keep Lily around to continue to manipulate her. Colin pretends to go along with his plot, but has other plans. It seems like deception runs in the Ashby family as Genevieve, Cane and Caleb's mom, is working with her son to bring down Colin. Lily starts to realize her desperation to "see Cane" isn't a healthy one (ya think?!) and demands "Cane" leave her alone! She then begs Neil to take care of Maddy and Charlie due to her fears she's losing her mind.

Traci: She gives Victoria a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen in on her woes.