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Brian Frons: "Serials For The Most Part Are Baby Boomer Programs"

ABC Daytime Serial Killer Brian Frons is giving more asinine quotes and ever-changing sound bites to the mainstream press. This time the not-so-true lies were afforded to USA Today in a special report on the changing of the guard during the daytime post-Oprah. Here's the latest way Frons dismissed the very programs that helped him leech his way to the top of a network division:


"It's change that's generational," says Brian Frons, daytime chief for ABC Television Group. "Serials for the most part are Baby Boomer programs, and as Boomers age out of the key selling demographic, we need to look at alternatives."

I wonder if when Frons got the call to talk to the newspaper if anyone on his woefully inept PR team bothered to read the report on the importance of not forgetting to market to Baby Boomers, published by USA Today just last fall? I'm guessing no.  As to what younger viewers want, here's what Frons—who hasn't been in the 18-49 demo himself since I was wearing Dwayne Wayne flip glasses to middle school—had to say:

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Younger viewers, he says, are "looking for an upbeat tone, they want entertaining relevance, more talk and reality than scripted drama. They're looking to us for shows that help improve their lives, rather than escape from their lives."

Yeah, because the guy who greenlit such gems at Bank of Mom and Dad knows sooo much about what Generation Next wants. Riddle me this, are not ABC primetime's hit shows Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice "serials"? Aren't those serials watched primarily by women 18-49? So, I guess young women only want their escapism at night, yet desire to be "informed" how to cook a tasty batch of duck balls by Mario Batali on The Chew during the daytime? Yeah, okay. Just so we're clear on the strategy I guess. GMAFB.