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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Performance of the day goes to Anthony Geary, and special kudos to Julie Marie Berman, who had me in tears. 

Nikolas stops by the hospital to pick up Aiden and wonders how Liz is doing.  She claims she’s doing better and that it helps being at work.  He wishes he could do more for her and advises her to take a break and go visit Sarah, or sit on a beach somewhere.  However, Liz feels that she needs to keep busy in order to feel sane. 

Lulu tells Lucky that she feels the intervention was a disaster. They had good intentions, but it only pushed Luke further out of control.  Lucky informs her that it takes time to hit rock bottom.  Lulu wants to reach out to her father. Lucky says she would be enabling Luke and they need to stick together.  Lulu wants to save him, but Lucky reminds her that they can’t save him, because Luke needs to save himself.  Lulu points out that Ethan has been hanging out with Luke and suggests they can butter their father up with love to help, but Lucky feels rehab is the only answer.  Lucky has a hard time being around Luke, since it fuels his own desire to take a pill or get drunk. 

Dante gets called to the Haunted Star on a disturbing the peace call, and finds Luke breaking glasses with a baseball bat.  Dante understands that Luke is crying out for help, but Luke’s not interested and tells Dante to arrest him or leave.  Dante wants him to go to rehab because Luke is bringing down the family, especially Lulu. He tells Luke to pull it together for her.  Dante says he now understands Lulu’s fear of abandonment, since Luke always leaves. 

Sonny assures Brenda that there is peace in Port Charles.  She heads out and tells him that she’ll wait up for him if he’s not too late.  After she’s gone, Sonny calls Bernie to remind him that something needs to be done about Anthony.

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Ethan tells Kristina about Lisa going crazy and trying to kill Robin and frame Patrick for her murder.  He assures her she has nothing to worry about anymore, but Kris still feels everything was her fault, because she allowed Lisa into the Drake house. Kristina thanks him again for telling her about the pills and admits she’s had a craving for them. She even went through all her things, desperate to find one pill.  Ethan assures her she’ll feel better in a couple of days and assures her he knows about addicts. 

Lulu stops by the Star, sees the broken glass and decides she needs to clean it up.  She asks about a broom but Luke tells her to leave it, so she starts to pick it up with her hands. Suddenly, Luke screams at her to leave it.  A frightened and upset Lulu leaves and Luke slowly realizes what he’s done. 

Dante goes to Sonny and asks if he can talk to Luke on Lulu’s behalf.

Tracy meets Lulu at the loft and wonders what happened.  Lulu tells her not to go to the Star because Luke needs his space. She explains about the glass and says she’ll clean up the mess.  Tracy tells her it’s not her mess to clean up. 

Lucky runs into Nik and Aiden hanging out at Kelly’s.  The two discuss kids and what they like.  Lucky admits there was a time when he didn’t think they’d be sitting around talking about their kids. Nikolas says he’s grateful they’re back in each other’s lives and he misses talking to his brother.

Dante comes home to find a sad Lulu sitting on the bed trying to get a piece of glass out of her finger.  She explains that she was trying to clean it up, but should have waited and listened to her father.  Dante asks what happened with Luke. Lulu says her father screamed at her and she starts crying.  She says he’s never yelled at her like that before and Dante explains that Luke is in a bad place right now and will lash out at anyone.  Lulu figures she owes Lucky an apology.  Dante gets the piece of glass out of her finger and she thanks him for his support. The two kiss.

Kristina stops by to see Brenda, who assures her that all the Corinthos kids are welcome in their father’s house.  Kris explains she’s there for advice on how to dress older.   Brenda wonders who the boy is, and Kris says it’s Ethan. 

Sonny stops by the Star to talk to Luke about Lulu.  Luke realizes that Dante went to his father and understands why.  Luke explains that all Lulu was doing was trying to clean up his mess. However, it reminded him of his mother, and how she was always trying to make everything okay by cleaning up after his mean drunk of a father.  He swears he wasn’t supposed to turn into his father.  Luke knows that he’s addicted to saving damsels in distress, because he couldn’t save his mother.  He crossed the line with Laura and almost again with Lulu, screaming and scaring her.  His greatest fear has come true.  He admits he’s a coward and a drunk.  Sonny tells him he knows what he needs to do.

Ethan meets with Lucky to apologize for not taking the Luke issue seriously, and not being there for Lucky.  He thought his relationship with Luke was different, but now sees things clearer.  Lucky gets a call from Luke, summoning them all to the Star.

Once Lulu, Lucky, Ethan, Tracy and Nikolas are at the Star, Luke apologizes to Lulu for his treatment of her and admits he has a problem. He vows to check into rehab in the morning.  Lucky wonders if he’s ready, why wait until morning?