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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny’s not pleased to hear Kristina and Brenda talking about Ethan, but Brenda claims they’re just talking about fashion.  Kristina’s not happy her father was listening in on a private conversation and admits she wants Ethan to think she’s hot.  Sonny reminds her that Ethan is too old and married, but Kristina cares about him and tells Sonny not to be morally judgmental.  Sonny brings up the mess with Johnny and Kris points out that Sonny overreacted with the car bomb. Legally, she’s an adult and he can’t stop her from going after Ethan.  Sonny doesn't care and forbids her from seeing Ethan.  Brenda’s not happy with Sonny's decree and tries to defend Kristina, saying girls have crushes that eventually blow over. However, Sonny doesn’t want her involved in this issue.  Brenda tells Kristina that she needs to respect her father, but Kris reiterates she’s an adult and storms out.  Brenda wants to discuss the whole mess with Sonny, but he storms off upstairs instead.

Maxie shows up to check up on Lucky, but finds Siobhan instead.  Maxie makes a comment about family and Siobhan guesses that she knows the truth about Aiden.  Maxie wonders how Siobhan knows and whether she’s told Lucky? Siobhan tells Maxie that it’s not her secret to tell.  Maxie figures Siobhan hasn’t said anything, because she knows Lucky will go back to Liz if she did.  Maxie figures if Liz doesn’t say something soon, she’ll spill the beans to Lucky.

Once she’s back home, Maxie leaves a message for Lucky to call her.  Kristina shows up, asking for her fashion advice. The duo proeceeds to go through Maxie’s large closet of clothes, until they find the right outfit.  Maxie warns Kris to proceed with caution, but Kris assures her that guy would never hurt her.  Maxie points out that sometimes things don’t turn out like the fantasy.

Lulu’s the only one who reacts to Luke’s rehab news by getting up and hugging her father.  Luke’s angry at the non-reaction.  Tracy offers to drive him to rehab and stay, but that doesn’t sit well with Luke either.  Nik tells him to go now, as does Lucky, but Luke’s insulted by their mistrust.  Lucky asks to speak to Luke alone and Lulu tries to object, but Tracy takes her away.  Nik wishes Luke well and Ethan says he supports him. 

Lucky tells his father that no one believes him because he lies. It's what addicts do.  Lucky knows it’s all a cover, so Luke can take off again. Lucky calls his father a pathetic coward.  Lucky wonders if Luke apologized to Lulu for yelling at her.  He’s angry that his father has no problem allowing Lulu to blame herself for his cruelty. He points out that Luke likes to abuse women and blames the booze for his behavior. Lucky says Luke has turned into his father.  Luke yells that Lucky doesn’t know Tim Spencer and punches his son in the face.

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Sonny summons Ethan to tell him to back off of Kristina, because he’s too old and married.  Ethan says they’re just friends and he has no intention of shutting her out of his life.  Sonny says he regrets going after Ethan before, and appreciates what Ethan did for everyone the night of the limo explosion. However, he feels Kris is very emotional and fragile, and it’s wrong to take advantage of that.  Ethan says they’re just talking and will continue to do so. Brenda listens from upstairs. 

Tracy’s packed Luke’s bag, but tells Lulu she believes he won’t actually go.  Lulu’s upset with everyone because she believes her father will do the right thing.  Tracy says Luke needs to take responsibility for his actions. 

Luke understands why Lucky pushed him to the edge.  He was always afraid of turning into his father and it’s already happened.  He regrets having hit Jake and ending his life. Luke swears he’ll never run away from that responsibility.  He knows he’s failed Lucky, but has always loved him.  Lucky assures him the same.  Luke calls Tracy to pick him up and take him to rehab now. 

Brenda tells Sonny that he’s not handling things right. If he pushes Kristina too much, she’ll rebel even harder.  Sonny tells her that this is between him and his daughter, and she shouldn’t interfere.  Brenda tells him to deal with his kids, while she’ll deal with hers.

Ethan goes to the Star and pours himself a drink.  Kristina shows up, all dolled up.  Ethan wonders how genetics work, because his grandfather was a drunk, Lucky was an addict and now Luke is in rehab.  Kristina understands, because she points out that she’s exactly like her father.  She wonders if Ethan hero worshiped Luke, and now has a problem seeing him at his worst.  Ethan feels alone again, like he did when he was fifteen and lost his adopted parents. He is terrified of who he’ll become.  Kristina assures him that he’ll be Ethan and awesome. 

Lucky gets home and tells Siobhan that Luke is on his way to rehab. He was pretty hard on him, but needed to do it to get Luke’s attention.  He remembers that’s what it took with him, when he lashed out at Liz and realized he needed rehab, but wonders if he pushed his father too hard. He hopes rehab will work for Luke, otherwise he’s afraid he’ll lose his father for good.

Nikolas admits to Lulu that he didn’t think Luke would go through with it, but Lulu thinks her father loves his kids. She always had a problem with tough love, but swears Luke will make it through rehab. 

Tracy takes Luke to Shadybrook.  Luke admits he sees the damage he’s done to his kids and needs to make it better. Tracy apologizes for treating him like garbage and he apologizes for treating her like the enemy.  Luke tells Tracy that he loves her.   She tells him she loves him, reassures him that he can do this and says she’ll be waiting when he gets out.  He says he’ll see her on the other side. 

After Tracy leaves, the rehab doctor shows up and Luke offers him money for a drink.