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One Life to Live Recap: As The End Draws Near

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Matthew:  I’ll see you on the other side.


Matthew collapses, and as a panicked Bo and Nora try to rouse him, Nora spots the aspirin bottle and fears he may have overdosed, though they deem it unlikely.  When Matthew won’t wake up, Bo refuses to wait for an ambulance and scoops Matthew into his arms.  At the hospital, the doctor examines Matthew, finding a bump on his head, but his scared parents have no insight.  They’re relieved when Matthew regains consciousness, but their concern reignites when his ramblings place his memory no more recent than the time of his paralysis.

Following a battery of tests and taking into account Matthew’s symptoms, which include slurred speech, the doctor breaks it to a stunned Bo and Nora, who cling to each other, that Matthew has a serious brain bleed and needs immediate surgery in the hopes of preventing brain damage or death.  The family shares a loving moment, but Nora is shaken when an innocuous statement hits too close to home.  Bo and Nora wave to their “brave, strong, beautiful, wonderful boy” as he’s wheeled away.  Once they’re alone, Bo gathers Nora into his arms.  Terrified, they wait.

At Capricorn, Blair sings the old theme, stopping on “there’s always tomorrow” because she thinks it’s too sad.  She and Starr discuss Todd’s change of heart and how it may affect Blair and Tomas.  They both believe something is off, but Starr encourages her mom to take a chance, knowing she learned from the Eli debacle.  Moreover, Tomas makes her glow. 

Todd pulls a gun on Tomas and threatens to kill him, but Tomas smirks because he knows he has Todd over a barrel.  Someone watches from the bushes as he presents his contingency plan: a packet of information damning to both men.

Baker threatens to put the scarred man to death, but he leverages the information for which Baker is so desperate for his life and freedom.  Baker calls his bluff, but instead of death, the scarred man is subjected to electroshock treatment.

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Brody hauls Tess into the station before Cutter slithers in with Tess’ attorney, who spouts lame arguments until Brody gloats that he has every right to hold her on suspicion.  Tess fears jail, so she makes a deal to let Wes out in exchange for her freedom despite Cutter’s protestations that Jessica could take control and ruin their plans.  Brody appeals to Wes, but Bess emerges instead.  She refuses to release Wes, but she gives Brody one name: Todd Manning. 

Cutter demands Tess while Brody begs for Jessica, if not for himself then for her children, but Bess believes Jessica isn’t ready because all of the men in Jessica’s life have made colossal mistakes.  Suddenly, Tess reemerges, devastating Brody and thrilling Cutter.  He wants to celebrate at Capricorn, but first, he must get their money so they can leave town.  Tess is leery, but she decides to trust him.

Hot Dog Ford is so redeemed, he now volunteers at the hospital reading to sick kids.  A nurse flirts with him and asks him out for a drink to which he reticently agrees.  At Capricorn, he bombs his date as moans about his bad marriage to Tess and taking advantage of her when she was “fragile.”  The nurse reveals she gave him a sponge bath following his head-bashing and he hit on her.  He wishes he were still that guy, but he insists he’s changed and he admits he’s been celibate since then.  She thinks he’s paid his dues, and she plants a kiss on him as Tess arrives.

Viki visits Clint, demanding to know the meaning behind his tell-all confession.  She knows he’s guilty of just about everything, but she firmly believes he’s incapable of murder.  Before he can give her the direct answer she seeks, Tea arrives.  He summoned her to determine the legality of Tess and Cutter’s marriage, but he’s heartbroken when Tea determines it’s airtight.  Before leaving, Tea offers her services to ideally secure a lighter sentence for Clint, and he tells her he’ll think about it.

Blair and Starr wander past Ford’s table, and Blair maintains her brilliant disdain for the weasel.  When James calls, Blair encourages her daughter to go be with him.

Tea returns home, but she’s angry when she sees the gun.  Todd lies that Tomas will continue to live there as added security and he was showing him where he keeps his firearm.  Tea is completely disbelieving, but Todd pleads with her to trust him.  After Tomas goes out for the evening, Brody drops by Todd’s house, indicating that he has information linking Todd to Liam’s kidnapping.

Tomas shows up at Capricorn, and he and Blair share a longing smile across the room.

Clint reveals to Viki his wish to make things right and see that Jessica is healthy before he dies.  She asks again about Eddie’s murder, but Clint evades her questions.  Cutter barges in, smugly telling Clint and Viki that he’s ready to commit Tess, but it’s going to cost them dearly.