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One Life to Live Recap: List of Demands

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Viki:  This was your father’s house; it’s your home!  I’m not gonna stand by and watch this leech bleed you dry!  Now, I don’t know what kind of resistance you’ve met with in the past when you have pulled this sort of thing, but I will not allow you to waltz into our lives and just make off with whatever you want!

Cutter wants to know how much Jessica is worth to them, and he extorts Clint for an exorbitant amount of cash.  Queen Victoria takes him to task for his total lack of shame, but it rolls off his back.  He thinks dealing with their daughter is “work,” and he should receive not only their sympathy and gratitude, but he demands Asa’s mansion as well.  Viki’s fury is unrivaled, but Clint agrees, willing to do anything to save his daughter.

Tess spies a kiss between Ford and the nurse.  Though she refuses to admit it, she’s jealous and injects herself into their date.  She and Ford spar about their marriage and Ryder’s custody debacle. When Tess throws Cutter in his face, Ford yells that Cutter is only using her (unlike him, of course) and he betrays his concern.  Tess is amused when they realize the nurse mustered enough self-respect to abandon Ford and their date.  Cutter arrives, blindsiding an unsuspecting Tess with Viki, who brought along friends from St. Ann’s. 

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Tess explodes when Cutter reveals that he proposed to commit her for a hefty price.  As Viki warns Tess that she’ll be sedated if she doesn’t calm down, Viki phones Clint to coordinate the wire transfer as Cutter signs the commitment papers.  As Cutter becomes a very rich man, Tess breaks free from the orderlies and throws herself into Ford’s arms, begging him to help her while threatening him with losing Ryder.  Powerless, he watches as she gets dragged away kicking and screaming.  Viki, the only person who actually cares about Jessica, quietly sobs.

Brody questions Tea and “jackass” Todd about Marty and Liam.  Todd snickers and air-quotes his way through Brody’s explanation that his lead comes to him via third party through alters. Nevertheless, Todd implicated and he’s hid Marty before, so he felt the need to follow up.  Todd refuses Brody’s request to search the premises. When Todd tries to throw out Brody, Brody threatens him with arrest for assault of a police officer.  Brody handcuffs Todd and an angry Tea to the banister, and when Tea settles, she gives Brody permission to search. 

Todd wants to file a lawsuit, but Tea admits they allowed their tempers to flare instead of showing compassion for a scared father.  When Tea wonders if Todd is hiding anything, he’s cagey.  Brody returns, uncuffing Todd and Tea after having no luck.  Everyone apologizes and Brody thanks them.  Later, a silly Todd thanks Tea for the rescue before she leaves to attend to other legal matters.  Once he’s alone, Marty drops onto his doorstep.

Brody returns to the station, and a fellow officer wonders if he believes Todd or not.

Tomas lays everything on the table: he needs and wants Blair.  She ruined everything when she came into his life, making it impossible for him to continue on without her.  He understands she’s distrusting and scared, but he pulls her close and uses her pulse as a lie detector; she wants him too.  He feels a connection and sparks, and he calls her on being in denial of feeling the same.  Finally, she orders him to kiss her, and he happily obliges. 

They decide not to give Capricorn a “floor show,” but Blair realizes La Boulaie is only an option if they want an audience in the mayor.  Knowing they hate each other, Blair is shocked when Tomas reveals he’s going to continue living at Todd’s. He claims he only wants to protect Tea and Dani.  She worries about his safety, but he only wants to focus on her. He drags her away with him, so they can find some privacy.

James stages a romantic dinner, complete with luminaries in the shape of an ‘S’ and numerous portraits of Rome.  It’s his and Starr’s anniversary; one year since they met, and they’ve changed each other's lives for the better.  He pulls her into a cute dance, but she wants to get busy.  James fears they’ll be thwarted again, so he takes her to The Palace where he gets a room at a discount because he fixes Renee’s car. He’s unnerved when Starr reveals her life-long relationship with Renee, including living in Renee’s house.  As they’re about to make their way to the room, they bump into Blair and Tomas angling to have a similar type of night.  Awkward!