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Tristan Rogers Weighs in on Bob Guza’s Legacy And Demise of ABC Daytime

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Former General Hospital star Tristan Rogers is weighing in on Bob Guza’s firing at General Hospital. In a must read post on his website,, Rogers gives his take on Guza's legacy and those who have contributed to demise of ABC Daytime.

Many things have been said regarding Bob’s writing some of them fair and some of them less so. Let’s have a look at what will probably be regarded as his legacy. We have a “mob influenced storyline” and the fact that he had little respect for women. And then there’s the systematic dismantling of most of General Hospitals legacy, including that of Luke and Laura, to be replaced by the noble deeds and example set by a bunch of “bargain basement criminals”. I am sure I will get some flack for that statement but the fact remains that whatever thoughts, you the fan harbor in your mind and heart about this relationship the show itself has done everything possible to trash and disassemble it. I don’t think there’s any legacy or standard on GH that has been untouched, in some way, by this wholesale “story slaughter”.

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