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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly informs Jax about Josslyn's great first night home.  However, Jax is still concerned about the danger.  Carly points out Jerry poses the same danger, but she wants to make the current custody deal work, so that Joss can spend time with both parents.  Jax reiterates his belief that she can’t keep Josslyn safe. 

Tracy finds Lulu at the Star.  Tracy explains that Luke seemed anxious, but at peace and concerned about the effects of his behavior on his kids.  Lulu realizes that Luke was always drinking, but that it was never an issue. She’s worried that the man who comes out of rehab won’t be her father anymore. 

Lulu remembers that Lucky changed after he went to rehab; he isn’t fun anymore.  Tracy points out that her brother has grown up, but Lulu feels it’s more than that.  She can’t picture her father in a 12-step program.  Tracy feels Luke needs to change or they’ll lose him.  Lulu says she’ll miss the smell of scotch on her father.  Tracy hopes he gets his life back, because he’ll have to live with the burden of Jake’s death.

Anthony complains to Johnny about the conditions of the apartment.  He mentions Lisa’s arrest, which Johnny doesn’t want to talk about.  Anthony gets a call from the hit woman and she demands more money.  He agrees to meet her on the docks.  Johnny figures it all out and warns him never to pay off a blackmailer.

Michael tells Jason that Abby’s hearing is next Friday and he doesn’t want her to confess to murder.  He wants Jason to help them get out of the country.  He starts talking about all the places they could go and Jason reminds him it wouldn’t be a holiday. He points out to Michael that he’d be leaving his entire family, would never know who to trust and if he were caught violating his parole, he’d be in serious trouble.  Michael begs again, and Jason finally says he’ll help if it comes to that. 

Sam runs into Abby at Kelly’s.  Abby’s concerned that Diane might not be able to deal with an innocent person and feels Michael will be devastated if things go bad.  She’s not sure what to do.

Maxie runs into Dante and tells him to get Lulu to return to work, because Kate’s patience is wearing thin. Maxie feels she won’t be able to carry her much longer.  Dante agrees that Lulu needs to focus on her own life. 

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Dante finds Lulu at the Star and lets her know about Maxie's request. He also says that Lulu shouldn’t spend the day at the Star.  Lulu admits there’s a hole in her life now, with Luke gone. She misses him and is worried about who will come back from rehab.  Lulu wants Dante to tell her if he believes alcohol was involved in the accident. At first, Dante doesn’t want to admit anything, but she insists. So, Dante tells her that he thinks that if Luke hadn’t been drinking, he could have seen Jake or called someone.  He believes that Luke’s drinking contributed to the accident. 

Lulu realizes she’s always made excuses for her father and needs to stop.  Dante tells her she needs to live her own life. He feels they should go back to his place and spend the day in bed.  Maxie arrives and tells Lulu to get to work, so that Kate doesn’t fire her.  Lulu says she’s decided to quit. 

Sam gets home and informs Jason that the procedure worked and she can carry a baby to term.  She has a million emotions and is happy that she now has a choice.  Jason is happy for her.  She doesn’t want to lose what they now have and feels there’s no need to rush the decision. She wants them to be honest with each other.  Jason admits he doesn’t know what he wants, but that he does love her.

Carly and Jax finish some business together and she wishes they were on the same page regarding Josslyn.  Jax says he’s going on a business trip the next day, and asks if he can have Josslyn for the night. He promises to return Joss before his trip.  Carly agrees to it before heading out.  Alexis arrives and Jax tells her to set up an emergency meeting, so he doesn’t have to give Josslyn back. 

Alexis advises against what Jax's plan, pointing out that Carly has been reasonable and there’s no evidence of imminent danger.  Jax brings up Michael, but Alexis reminds him that Michael was shot on Sonny’s watch, not Carly’s. That fact will make Jax look like a rich jerk when presented to a judge.  Jax insists that no one will stand in his way.

Abby’s worried about all the wrong decisions she’s made concerning Brandon.  Michael tells her there might be another way and suggests they leave town forever. Abby doesn’t want him to make that sacrifice for her, but he just wants to be with her.  Johnny calls to tell Michael he has a lead on the hit woman.  Before he hangs up, Michael hears Anthony yelling about the piers, so he heads over there.

Johnny’s mad when Michael shows up on the docks, but Michael wants to catch the hit woman.  When she shows up, she asks Johnny for the money, but he asks her what the money is for, while Michael watches.

Abby shows up at Johnny’s and hears Anthony’s pleas for help. She enters and finds him tied up in a chair.  Anthony asks for her help, but she doesn't want to because he’s framing her for murder.  Anthony claims that it was all Johnny’s doing, and he’s just an old man trying to live out his golden years. Anthony tells Abby they can help each other. 

Jason goes to Carly to let her know about Jax’s emergency hearing.  Carly is shocked that Jax was playing her, but says she won’t compromise.  When Alexis and Jax show up, Carly rubs it in that Jason is reading to Josslyn.