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One Life to Live Recap: If I Fall You're Going Down With Me

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Marty:  Keep your mouth shut, Todd... or your secret little deal with Tomas Delgado will be all over town.  And you’ll wish you were dead.

Marty shocks Todd when she shows up with Liam, expecting hospitality.  When Todd calls her crazy and attempts to phone the police, Marty pulls a gun on him.  He dares her to pull the trigger, but she blackmails him instead.  She’s been staying in his pool house, and not only is she fully aware of his secrets, she also stole Tomas’ disc proving everything.

At the station, Brody and John gripe about the extra work and false leads created by Clint’s reward offer.  Brody fills in John on Bess’ clue and the fiasco at Todd’s house. John isn’t surprised when he learns Todd denied everything; in fact, he’s suspicious given Todd’s history of holding Marty captive.  Brody apologizes for blaming John for Liam’s disappearance, but John understands and promises not to give up, just like Brody.

Marty hides when John arrives.  John heard about Todd’s run-in with Brody, and he offers a department-sanctioned apology, but Todd threatens a lawsuit to distract John from Marty’s trail.  After Todd dismisses a suspicious John, Marty shares her approval of his methods.  Delightfully ignoring Todd’s objections, Marty and Liam return to what is now her pool house.

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Tomas and Blair run into Starr and James at The Palace.  Embarrassment and babbling ensues, and both women lie that they’re at the hotel only for drinks and “mushroom thingies.”  At their individual tables, James laughs that Blair already knows Starr isn’t a virgin, while Tomas teases Blair about getting grounded by her own daughter. 

Both couples decide on “cloak and dagger” plans to throw the other off track while making it up to their respective rooms. However, that doesn’t go smoothly as Blair ends up in an elevator with James while Starr ends up with Tomas.  There’s suddenly an unspoken understanding of the night’s festivities as Starr warns Tomas against hurting Blair, while Blair advises James to be safe and good to her daughter.  Finally, the couples come together in sweet, sweet privacy. 

Starr fears a knock on the door from her mother, but it never comes.  She and James are finally alone and begin to take their relationship to the next level.  Meanwhile, Blair races into the room and into Tomas’ arms.  They fondly remember nearly making love on the piano, but she’s happy they waited because she knows him better now.  Before things heat up, Blair slips into the bathroom.  Tomas is irritated when he sees Todd on his caller ID.

At the cafe, Rama confides in Cristian that her guilt is causing her sleepless nights.  She hopes Clint’s confession will help Vimal, but Cris encourages her to be honest about her fake pregnancy, and fast.

An ecstatic Vimal summons Tea and is hopeful over Clint’s confession.  Despite Clint’s clear coercion of Vimal, Tea isn’t terribly optimistic. However, that changes when Vimal reveals Rama’s pregnancy and how she convinced him to plead guilty.  She promises the puppet she’ll do her best. 

Later, Cristian spies Tea’s case file.  He hopes Rama gets good news, and Tea’s intrigued by their friendship.  Rama visits Vimal, and both are over the moon to see each other.  Vimal’s smile fades; however, when Rama solemnly warns him she has a confession of her own.

Roxy arrives from Vegas, showering a distressed Natalie with love, comfort, and poker chips; she also hired a psychic... Delphina.  Holding Liam’s sock, Delphina senses that Liam’s in the presence of a gun, but otherwise okay.  He’s with Marty, who’s emitting a lot of static, and someone else who, Delphina determines, is “wearing a mask.”  Natalie’s memory is still blank, so she asks for Delphina’s help, who figures out that Natalie and Marty were arguing about Liam’s father before Natalie’s swan dive. 

Brody reluctantly informs Natalie of the false leads.  He and Delphina are prickly with each other. He thinks she's a fake and she senses he has no place in Liam and Natalie’s turmoil. In true Delphina fashion, she surprises “smart ass” Brody with her knowledge of his and Natalie’s kiss.  Roxy thinks Delphina is mistaken, but Natalie and Brody confirm it.  Before Delphina leaves, Brody asks if she sees Todd with Liam, to Natalie’s confusion, but Delphina only senses that Todd is alone.  Natalie admits to Brody that Delphina gave her hope, and Brody encourages her to hold it tight.