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Ratings, Rants and Raves: Y&R Spikes; OLTL Still Top ABC Soap; DAYS Continues Freefall


The Young and the Restless proved kick ass stories about characters we love will still make soap fans show up and party like drunk, naked heiresses the week of May 16-20. (Source:Soap Opera Network) Y&R went up an impressive 268,000 total viewers and inched up two-tenths of a point in households. Y&R also climbed one-tenth of a point among women 18-49 and among women 18-34.  Y&R was, to use an overused cliche, on fire the week in question. Abby's (Marcy Rylan) drunk tail mowing Tucker (Stephen Nichols) down on the side of that road was a hoot! 

I also loved Victor (Eric Braeden) blasting Diane (Maura West) over going after Ashley (Eileen Davidson). It's a shame West wasn't cast as say Grace Turner, or some other age-appropriate character, so she could have stood a chance. Can't wait to see what she does once she's working for a writer who actually wants her and is cast in the right role. I pray Y&R doesn't lose focus on what's making it work right now once this big Revenge/Doppelganger/Laura Webber Vining Spencer Atkinson Mob Queen (Genie Francis) arc takes full effect.

The Bold and the Beautful was No. 2 among total viewers and among households, however B&B was still dead last in the all-important women 18-49 demo. I'm about sick of these doggone horny berries on B&B.  Why is that every year around Daytime Emmy time B&B does a crazy story that makes me forget how amazing it was a few months back?

Why Taylor's (Hunter Tylo) silly ass  had to go and eat some of those strange berries like that, I'll just never know. I cannot believe BERRIES are driving story on this show for this long! Come on, Brad. It was funny at first, but when fruit has had better storylines than Sarah Brown and Rick Hearst, something has to give. Also, can we please get Jacob Young back to this show as Rick the minute All My Children closes its picture book? Amber, The 40-Year-Old Teenager, (Adrienne Frantz) needs a big girl storyline.

Over at the Mouse House, General Hospital shot up 206,000 total viewers, but was still behind One Life to Live. GH was tied with All My Children in households at No. 4, but reclaimed the No. 2 spot among women 18-49 and among women 18-34.

GH was pretty jampacked with action the week in question. Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) finally bested Suzanne (Adrienne Barbeau). Lisa (Brianna Brown) went even more cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and CarJax (Laura Wright and Ingo Rademacher) fought viciously over Josslyn. I wish they'd fought as hard over the spelling of her name. It should be JOCELYN! On a serious note, I am going to miss CarJax like crazy when Rademacher leaves. They are one of daytime's most realistic marriages. They cheat, they argue, but they stayed together—longer than most soap couples. RIP, CarJax.

Like GH, AMC went up over 200,000 total viewers from the previous week, although the sudser was still in 5th place. AMC went up two-tenths of a point in households, and as previously mentioned, was tied with GH at No. 4 in that demo. Among women 18-49, AMC was dead last, tied with B&B. The two sudsers were also tied for last among women 18-34. AMC's big doppelganger caper had a fairly significant plot point as a clueless Jackson (Walt Willey) found Jane (Susan Lucci) in the rubble and mistook her for Erica Kane (Susan Lucci: The Prequel). The one positive I will afford this story is that Lucci is a riot as Jane when she's in Pine Valley pretending to be Erica. As for when Erica and Jane face off,

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I am thoroughly enjoying Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and Griffin (Jordi Vilasuso) teaming up to vanquish that nasty State Farm agent. I am so switching to All State! Man I hope Grendall gets to bone like crazy at least once before Zach (Thorsten Kaye)  returns to swallow Pine Valley whole. Sorry, I know,  I know, Zendall is forever and blah, blah, blah.

One Life to Live was once again ABC Daytime's most watched soap. I am not gonna keep pointing out the irony in this because really, what's the use? OLTL was No. 3 in households, yet tied GH among women 18-49. OLTL also tied GH and DAYS at No. 2 among women 18-34. I really wish NBC would reconsider picking up OLTL. The show would make a perfect companion to DAYS, and it would kill in re-airs on the camptastic NBC Universal cabler Bravo. In fact, why not just create a new position for Frank Valentini as V.P. of Daytime over there? I predict a DAYS/OLTL combo would kick The Chew and The Revolution's combined boo-tays! 

I know a lot of long term fans are not happy with Marty's (Susan Haskell) descent into extreme madness, but it reminds me of something I would have watched on DAYS in the mid-90's when IMO the show KILLING. Marty racing through Angel Square with that baby, looking like she didn't know if she was about to cry, poo her pants or shoot a teenager, had me in stitches. Also, say what you will, but it does happen. Remember that crazy heifer who drove across country in a diaper to try to kill her lover's woman? Talk about Astro-nuts! Crazy is for real, people. I know. I'm from the South. 

I'm also loving the Mess that is Wes (Bree Williamson). How funny was it when Jessica's latest alter told Cutter (Josh Kelly) "he" didn't swing that way? Speaking of what's swinging, say what you will, but all these half naked dudes in boxer briefs could very well be helping this show draw in younger eye bulges, I mean eyeballs. I bet that shot of Kelly's bidness caused many a DVR rewind and pause.  No, OLTL isn't high art these days, but thank the Soap Gods, it's at least entertaining, and the majority of the people who watch ABC soaps apparently agree with me, judging from the Nielsens.

The only soap to lose total viewers the week of May 16-20 was Days of Our Lives, which dropped 148,000. DAYS was dead last in total viewers and households. The soap was No. 4 among women 18-49, however, and No. 2 among women 18-34, as I stated earlier.

DAYS was actually a bit more enjoyable the week in question. I like Safe (Alison Sweeney and Galen Gering) teaming up against Faux Rafe (Galen Gering Part Deux) and my Jennifer Rose (Melissa Reeves) proving she still loves her some Jack (Matt Ashford), as she reeled over their divorce filled me with anticipation over the eventual reunion of one of daytime's best supercouples ever. Or, maybe it was simply knowing that Dena Higley's stuff was being boxed up and put outside on a Burbank curb that made me feel "safe" enough to invest in Salem again? See you next Ratings!

For the complete Nielsen ratings for daytime soaps visit Soap Opera Network.