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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny tells the hit woman that his father isn’t in charge, and she asks for more money, or she’ll go to Sonny.  John asks what he’s paying her for and she admits she killed Brandon to set up Abby.  She pulls a gun on Johnny, but Michael distracts her long enough for Johnny to get the gun.  They take her down to the PCPD.

Anthony continues to point the finger at Johnny, even though Abby doesn’t believe him.  He asks her to come work for him, but she’s not interested, since she blames him for setting her up.  Anthony tells Abby that he wants her to keep Michael happy and steer the young man in his direction.  Abby figures he just wants to use Michael to stick it to Sonny, but Anthony feels if Michael’s working for him, there will be peace between the two families. 

Jax and Carly argue back and forth.  Carly claims Jason asked Liz for Jake’s kidney that saved Josslyn.  Jax says he’s taking Joss because he was granted sole emergency custody and asks Alexis for the paperwork. However, it turns out Alexis didn’t file the papers because she wanted them to work out things privately.  Carly blames Jax for getting rid of Shawn and feels it isn’t Jason’s fault that Franco’s a danger.  Alexis warns him he needs to be mature and civil. She points out that Carly has agreed to joint custody and wonders what exactly Jax wants.  He says he wants Jason to never have contact with Josslyn, which doesn't sit well with Carly at all.  Jax reminds her that she wanted him to parent Morgan, and Carly says it was a mistake. She informs Jax that she’s not going for sole custody. 

Alexis reminds them that a judge would be happier to grant custody to Carly, rather than Jax. She goes on to say Jax needs to learn to share.  Jax tells Jason he did the right thing giving up Jake and should walk away from Joss. However, Jason isn’t giving up his friendship with Carly.  Jax storms off and Alexis follows him. 

Lulu’s happy to be free of her job and figures this will allow more time for she and Dante to spend together. She’s decided to get the Star back up and running in time for Luke to get out of Shadybrook.  Dante warns her it will be a big job and that rehab doesn’t work for everyone.  Dante wants to do something fun, like bungee jump or anything she wants to do. However, Lulu feels she’s got work to do in the casino.

Liz shows Patrick and Robin stacks of Lisa’s charts that they need to make sure are in good order.  A call comes in that a child was hit by a car and Patrick heads off to surgery.  The upset child’s mother comes to Liz and goes over the details of the accident, which are very similar to what happened to Jake.  The woman blames herself, but Liz tells her the child can feel her love.  Patrick returns and lets the woman know that the child will make a full recovery and Liz takes her to his room.  Liz sees Jake in the hall. 

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Robin finds Liz crying in one of the offices.  Liz worries that if Steve catches her, he’ll make her take a leave of absence.  Robin explains that what she’s dealing with is difficult and Liz wonders why the other child lived and hers didn’t. 

Dante lets Johnny and Michael know that they are checking out the recording and the hit woman’s statement.  Dante wants to make sure everything is on the up and up, even though Michael insists the woman confessed.

Michael goes to Abby and informs her what happened.  The police have a confession from the hit woman, and the gun that shot Brandon.  Jason stops by and Michael updates him on recent happenings.  Jason tells Michael he should have let him take care of things, but Michael says Johnny had it under control. Jason doesn't look happy to see John had a hand in helping Michael.

Dante stops by Carly’s to tell her charges against Abby will be dropped, and Michael won’t be doing anything stupid.  Carly wonders about Anthony’s involvement in all of this, but he tells her Johnny was the one who helped.  Dante brings her up to speed about Luke going to rehab and Lulu having a hard time dealing with it. He asks Carly if she will talk to Lulu about everything.  Carly admits she still doesn’t like Dante, but agrees to talk to Lulu.

Jax is upset with Alexis for not helping, but she claims the opposite.  She tells him she won’t be a party to him lying about Carly on the stand.  She tells him he will look like the alienating parent and will lose Joss. Alexis again asks him to compromise, but Jax tells her to help him beat Carly in court. 

Carly goes to the Star to see Lulu, who realizes that Dante sent her.  Carly’s surprised that she wants to run the Star, but Lulu wants to be close to Luke and figures this is the way to go. 

John comes home to find Anthony playing possum.  Anthony tells him Abby stopped by and she could be useful to them.  Johnny unties him and explains the hit woman is in custody. He reminds his father that if she ties things back to Anthony, he’ll be going back to Pentonville.

Michael stops by to thank Johnny, telling him that he owes him and will do whatever he needs.  Johnny assures him they’re even.

Anthony stops by the PCPD to talk to the hit woman.  It turns out the confession was all part of the plan and once Abby is cleared, his people will help her escape.  He tells the hit woman to sit tight.  Jason watches from outside the room and when Anthony leaves, he walks into Jason.