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One Life to Live Recap: Dirty Mind

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Todd (?):  I am Todd!

Following electroshock, the scarred man wails, but memories appear to be returning.  He recalls a daughter named, Starr; a wife named, Blair; and another wife named, Tea.  Baker can’t extract anything more, so he deems him a lost cause.  As Baker order the disposal of the prisoner, the prisoner cackles; he knows who he is!

Tomas ignores Todd’s call as Blair steps out of the bathroom wearing nothing but the sexiest lingerie.  They get swept up until Tomas starts vibrating; it’s his phone, notifying him of an extremely urgent text message.  He calls Todd, who gives him the run down on the Marty situation.  Tomas lies to Blair that Claude is in the hospital, so they reluctantly part ways. 

Tea returns home and when Todd spots Liam’s pacifier on the floor, he pounces on Tea to distract her, but she’s thrown off because overt affection isn’t his style.  She decides to go swimming, and Todd panics.  He angles for some sexual healing, sending Tea upstairs to wait for him.  He hears back from Tomas, and lies to Tea that he has to go to work. 

Outside the house, Todd gives Tomas a gun and orders him to deal with Marty.  Todd returns, cooing to Tea that he wants to make up for lost time.  She gets emotional, admitting that his time in the coma was the worst weeks of her life.  He holds her as she begs him never to leave her again.

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The universe is against Blair as she drinks wine directly from the bottle and watches “Eat Pray Love.”  When Tomas calls, he notices she’s been crying, but she shrugs it off; “Julia’s on her journey...”  Blair worries when he can’t return, but as he fondles the gun, Tomas promises things are under control.

James and Starr are nervous but ready to make love.  They bond over both previously only being with one person, and Starr beams when James professes his love.  She slips into a too-big robe, but James finds her sexy nonetheless, and they badly dance and laugh until they’re interrupted by Addie calling.  Hope had nightmares and wants mom, so Starr must leave.  James is understanding, but once alone, he takes a long, cold shower.  Later, Starr calls to thank James for the romantic evening, and he admits just being with her made the night perfect.

Rama scares Vimal when she mentions she has news about the baby.  Before she can confess, he reveals that he told his parents.  She reams him, but he blathers on about the baby being a lifeline.  They get back to Rama’s news, but instead of the truth, she tells him she needs an amnio.

Nora is on edge waiting for Matthew to come out of surgery.  She feels responsible, but Bo assures her that they were powerless to prevent his injury.  She thought Eddie’s murder was the worst thing Matthew would face, but that now pales in comparison.  Worried about Nora, Bo checks in with a surgical nurse and discovers that the surgery is more complicated than expected; he doesn’t share that with his terrified wife.  Feeling helpless, they focus on figuring out the cause; perhaps it was someone rather than something.  They call Destiny.

Destiny thanks a still-torn Dani for her blanket silence with a sundae at the cafe.  Destiny has two best friends, and she never imagined Matthew would become more, but now they have a chance to be a real couple, and she’s ecstatic.  Dani is as well, observing that Matthew and Destiny really like each other. 

Nate looks online for news that Matthew confessed, and he’s angry when he doesn’t find anything.  He also feels betrayed that Dani is keeping such a big secret from him.  Deanna plays Devil’s Advocate, pointing out that they both are and healthy relationships need honesty. 

Destiny is surprised when Nora calls, wondering about Matthew sustaining an injury; Destiny is clueless.  Nora starts crying and passes the phone to Bo, who stuns Destiny with Matthew’s dire circumstances.  Before rushing to the hospital, she fills in Dani, kicking herself for not noticing something was wrong when Matthew complained of a headache.

Nate decides to go to the police, but he and Deanna figure no one will believe him because he doesn’t have the same kind of influence as the Buchanans.  Instead, writes an email to Access Llanview, but before he can send it, Dani shocks him with the news about Matthew.  Clearly a genius, Nate quietly fears to Deanna that his sucker punch may have caused Matthew’s brain trauma.

A panicked Destiny arrives at the hospital, having been praying since she spoke to Bo and Nora.  She can’t bear to lose Matthew because they’re “as close as two people can get.”  Bo and Nora are intrigued, but a call from Dani interrupts them.  Bo and Nora realize knowing the cause doesn’t change Matthew’s predicament.  They spin around when they see the nurse; Matthew is out of surgery.