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Wishful Casting: One Life to Live's Florencia Lozano as Paul's Loca Ex-Wife Isabella Braña on Young and Restless!

Nothing like micro-blogging to get the creative juices flowing! Daytime Confidential reader/podcast listener @Aleana24 asked me on Twitter what I thought of Crystal Chappell as a possible recast for Diane Jenkins, and while I wasn't feeling that idea (My dream Diane Jenkins has always been Nancy Lee Grahn!), it did cause this random thought to jump into my ADHD brain. What if Florencia Lozano (Tea, One Life to Live) joined The Young and the Restless as Paul Williams' (Doug Davidson) mentally unstable ex-wife Isabella?  Rumor has it a SORAS'ed Ricky Williams (Paul and Isabella's son) will be making his way to Genoa City this summer. I say his muy loca madre should follow suit.


When we last left Isabella (then played by a pre-Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria) she was about to slice and dice Paul's true love Cricket Blair (Lauralee Bell) in a bathtub. Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc), who had hired Isabella to keep Cricket and Paul apart in the first place, managed to save the blonde barrister and Izzy was shipped off to the funny farm, never to be heard from again. Wouldn't it be fun to watch Michael and Paul have to contend with an out-on-the-loose and seemingly-lucid Isabella, recalling memories of their ugly feud?

Imagine a steamy, erotic quad with Isabella/Michael/Lauren/Paul? Or maybe Detective Ronan Malloy (Jeff Branson) could "frisk" Isabella, initially at the behest of his mother Nina (Tricia Cast) and her BFF Cricket? They'd want to make sure Isabella was in fact sane and seemly, but they wouldn't count on things getting down right steamy between the hunky cop with the Harlequin romance novel name and the woman who almost butchered the Bug in the tub! I know, why not throw in All My Children's Jordi Vilasuso as Isabella's brother Alejandro, who just so happens to be Ronan's new partner!

Then there's Rafe (Yani Gellman). We still don't know much about the gay lawyer's backstory. What if he's Isabella's son from a teen romance with Sharon's (Sharon Case) new farmer pal Sam (Sean Patrick Flanery)? How would Rafe's long lost dad react when he learns what Sharon's ex-hubby Adam (Michael Muhney) did to the kid he never even knew existed?

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 Whaddya you guys think? Watch a clip of Eva Longoria as Y&R's Isabella after the jump, then sound off in the comments!

Photo Credit: ABC