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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick gets a call from Shadybrook saying Lisa wants to talk, and Robin urges him to go.  Once there, Lisa reminisces about their college dating days. She babbles on for a bit and then informs him that he won’t be happy with Robin and will eventually go looking for someone else.  Since that someone else isn’t likely to be a psychopath like herself, Robin won’t forgive him as easily the next time around.  Despite his denials, Lisa assures him there will be a next time around.  When Patrick gets back to the hospital, he profusely apologizes to Robin about what he put her through and claims she’s the only woman for him.

Michael tells Johnny that he’s loyal to him now, after everything he’s done for Michael and Abby.  Johnny reminds Michael that he won’t turn him down if he wants to work for him and wonders if he desires to go down that path. Michael explains that a higher education is not his calling, but Johnny wants him to be sure of what he’s signing up for.  Michael agrees to a position, on the condition that the Zacchara's honor the truce with Sonny.  Johnny says the best way for the truce to hold is for Michael to work for Johnny, so that neither father can go after the other. 

Jason wonders if Anthony is threatening the hit woman or thanking her for a job well done. Anthony assures Jason that his only reason for being with the hit woman is to find out who hired her.  Anthony claims the hit woman named old man Trejillo as the boss, and has a job offer for Jason to join his team, so he can keep a closer eye on Michael.  Jason assures him he’s fine in his current position.

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Brenda and Sonny, who apparently lost his shaver, are discussing their lives on the docks.  Sonny insists she needs the guards, but she informs him that she’ll take the guards when she goes out with Alec, but will not give up her independence.  Kristina shows up in a hot blue number and Sonny goes ballistic about her outfit.  He knows Kris is wearing it to get Ethan’s attention and doesn’t want her to see him. However, Kris points out that she’s almost nineteen and he can’t tell her what to do.  Brenda steps in and asks to speak to Kristina privately.

After Sonny leaves, Brenda understands Kris' interest in Ethan, but was surprised to hear he was married.  Kristina brushes it off and explains the marriage situation.  Brenda thinks she should wait until Ethan’s marriage ends, but Kris feels she’s waited long enough. She tells Brenda that they've connected and explains what happened with Lisa.  Brenda is surprised by the story and Kristina tells her she's not changing her mind.

Dante finds Lulu at the Star going through Luke’s books, only to find that he’s been skimming from them since the beginning.  Dante offers for a speedboat ride getaway, but while she thanks him for sending Carly to see her and knows the boat is Sonny’s, she not interested.  Lulu feels happier now and wants to make things right for when Luke gets home from rehab, so they can work together, as she’s always wanted.  Dante’s not sure Luke will want to stay with the casino, because he'll be a recovering alcoholic.  Despite Dante’s concerns, Lulu has decided to visit Luke at Shadybrook to update him on recent happenings and give him hope to return. Once she gets there, the counselor tells her that Luke left and is no longer at the facility. 

Jason meets with Sonny, who’s angry with Brenda for going against his will and getting involved in the Kristina mess. Sonny understands that Kris needs a firm hand and explains about Ethan.  Jason reminds him not to push Kristina, because ultimatums have the opposite effect.  Sonny feels Kris needs boundaries and is tired of Brenda sticking her nose in his business.

Michael goes to see Abby, who tells him about her run in with Anthony. Michael still feels Abby is the one for him, even though she once again points out that whole life is ahead of him and people change.   Jason shows up and tells them his belief that Anthony and Johnny are behind the hit woman's "confession". The couple doesn't believe him, but Jason feels Anthony was playing them. He tells Michael to stay away from the Zacchara's because he doesn't need them.  Michael questions whether he doesn't or not.

When Brenda gets home, she attempts to explain things to a very uninterested Sonny.  He’s furious with her and explains that she wasn’t here when Kiefer beat Kristina within an inch of her life.  Sonny feels she doesn’t know his kids and he doesn’t want her involved with them. Brenda accuses him of shutting her out, and Sonny says she can have a relationship with the kids, but just can't parent them.  Brenda points out that this means they aren’t partners in their marriage and she doesn’t want that. 

The hit woman shows up at the Zacchara's demanding her money from Anthony. He shoots her point blank, twice.  Johnny comes home and is horrified, but Anthony assures him everything is going to plan.