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One Life to Live Recap: Whisper a Prayer for the Dying

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Bo:  I’m proud of you, son.  I wish I could trade places with you; I’d give anything if I could.

Tangible shock, confusion, hope, fear, and devastation?  Thy names are Robert S. Woods and Hillary B. Smith.

Bo and Nora are shaken as the doctor tells them that Matthew’s prognosis is unknown; he needs to be carefully monitored, but should swelling occur, there’s no treatment.  As Matthew is wheeled back to his room, Destiny hovers, freaking out at the sight of him.  Bo and Nora are ushered into Matthew’s room, and Nora falters when she sees her boy attached to life support, but they quietly remind Matthew that he is loved dearly.  Suddenly, Matthew’s vitals bottom out, and Bo and Nora are thrown out of his room as the medical team scrambles.

After Dani hangs up with Destiny, Nate fishes for information.  When he says he feels bad, Dani calls him on it, but he covers that he wouldn’t wish brain surgery on his worst enemy.  Dani leaves, and Nate fears he’s responsible, even citing Natasha Richardson’s death from a brain bleed, but Deanna insists it’s probably a coincidence.  He’s appreciative, but when he can’t reach Dani, he decides to go to the hospital to check on Matthew’s prognosis.

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Terrified, Bo and Nora cling to each other as they wait.  Dani arrives, and Destiny is a mess.  After Matthew is stabilized, Bo and Nora are called back into the room, but it’s not good news.  They’re confused because Matthew’s heart is strong, but the doctor stuns them with a heartbreaking discovery: Matthew isn’t showing any brain activity.

Later, Dani tries to glean what the doctor is telling Bo and Nora by peering through the window, and the girls realize it doesn’t look good.  Nate shows up as Dani is holding a sobbing Destiny, and she shakes her head when she sees him.

Rex stops by the cafe to pick up comfort food for Natalie.  He and Gigi are shocked that Clint bared his soul, but they’re suspicious about the timing.  Shane arrives after seeing his new doctor.  He misses Dr. Buhari, but he’s fine with the new therapist, who wants him to return to Llanview High in the fall.  When Shane is honest with his mother about his fears that he’ll always be viewed as a loser, Ford eavesdrops.

Ford moons over a picture of Tess and Ryder and a leftover pacifier before approaching Shane to offer unsolicited advice.  He was a poor, bullied runt, but the one good thing Eddie ever did was get him a summer job in construction where he beefed up and grew a foot.  By the time he went back to school, the bullies were scared of him and the girls loved him.  Shane is grateful, and asks his mom if he can join a gym.  After Shane leaves, Gigi thanks Ford.  She still doesn’t approve of his treatment of Jessica last year, but she feels he deserves Ryder.

As Tess screams in the background, Viki phones Clint to thank him; he feels it was the least he could do.  Viki’s heart breaks seeing Tess in a straight-jacket, but the St. Ann’s staff have determined that she’s a danger; Viki asks to see her anyway.  Viki cares about her, but she lost and it’s time to let Jessica return and be a mother, pointing out that Tess has nothing and will only be used by more remorseless men. 

Tess thinks Ford didn’t use her, and Viki realizes she has feelings for him; Tess claims only hatred.  Viki and Tess do agree that the men in Tess’ life recently have treated Jessica as a blow-up doll and an ATM.  Tess lashes out, being nothing short of a raging witch, but Viki holds strong, tearfully telling Tess that she loves her.  Tess pretends Jessica reemerges, but the ploy is transparent to Viki.  After Viki leaves her in a padded cell, Tess vows vengeance on Cutter before looking up to see Ford dressed as an orderly.

Joey visits Clint, questioning his father about his confession, and Clint insists he needed to “settle [his] accounts.”  They update each other on the recent dealings with Aubrey and Cutter, respectively.  Ryder’s care is at stake, so Clint warns Joey that he and Ryder are now homeless.  Joey wants to deal with Cutter as Clint would, but Clint begs Joey not to be like him.

Rex stumbles into Clint’s room, taunting him about not being in handcuffs.  He calls out Clint, insisting that if he’s a bad father to Shane, it’s because of Clint.  He admits to hiring goons, and he hates himself for stooping to Clint’s level.  Rex gets in Clint’s face and berates him until he takes a downward turn.  Viki arrives, and she and Rex are stunned when Clint flatlines.

Rama returns to the mansion, upset over being a coward and a hypocrite with Vimal, but she blasts Aubrey for confessing everything to Joey.  They’re surprised by Cutter, who gleefully informs them of the deal he made with Clint.  He wants Aubrey back and he vows to give her everything, but she resists.  Rama wants her piece of the pie, but as Joey enters, Aubrey maintains that she loves her husband.  Cutter viciously baits Joey until Joey attacks him.  Once the fight is over, Cutter throws out Joey and Aubrey.