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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Goes After Thomas!

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Hope: She cries foul about Thomas' "memories" of what happened on the island with her mother. Hope is hell bent on uncovering the real story behind the island crash. Stephanie starts to worry what Hope may find out and grills her about what she's accusing Thomas of. Later, La Forrester attempts to get Hope off the scent by busting her for playing both Liam and Oliver against each other.

Brooke: Logan decides to quit Forrester Creations due to Stephanie and Thomas' schemes against her. A sad Brooke realizes her marriage to Ridge is over. Brooke decides to create a foundation in someone's honor.

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Taylor: Doc is ecstatic about Ridge and Brooke's marriage being over and thinks she will reunite with the Chiseled one.

Stephanie: La Forrester doesn't waist any time in trying to pair Nick up with Brooke, now that Ridge's marriage is over. Stephanie tries to push Nick to pursue Brooke but the sailor is hesitant to do so due to the past.

Steffy: The Forrester hell cat goes to Bill with an idea: let her host The Catwalk. Meanwhile, Katie announces she knows what Steffy is trying to do and won't stand for it!

Marcus/Dayzee: The two catch each other up on what has happened while Marcus was gone.