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Will Tad and Dixie "Walk Off Into The Sunset" on All My Kids?

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In an interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine, All My Children’sMichael E. Knight talks about Cady McClain's return as Dixie and how the soap is giving fans closure as it wraps up.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Cady McClain is returning to the show as Dixie Cooney Martin. Will this storyline give Tad/Dixie fans some closure?

Michael E. Knight: I think that’s going to be the way they’re looking at it. They’re also bringing back other characters, too, I think to sort of tie up … if it’s possible to tie up a 42 year run. I was lucky and the positioning was such that Cady could come back and reprise the role of Dixie. I certainly love working with her. She’s been a dear friend for a long time and is a wonderful actress.

They’re supposedly bringing her back from the dead (and we’re no stranger to that), but they’re bringing her back to have Tad and Dixie walk off in the proverbial sunset. I think that’s the way they’re looking at it. I always had such wonderful chemistry working with Cady. It will be nice to get a chance to do that. Other than that, I think they’re kind of struggling to give the audience some semblance of closure, bringing down the curtain as it were, but I think they’ll leave it open ended in case the show gets picked up somewhere else.

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