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Would Judith Light Reprise Karen Wolek on One Life to Live?!

For weeks we've been hearing about all the big name stars who or may not pay one, final visit to Pine Valley before All My Children goes off the air this September. Now Tony nominee Judith Light (she's up for Lombardi)is saying she'd welcome the chance to reprise the iconic role of not-so-happy housewife-turned-hooker Karen Wolek on One Life to Live! Says Light to


Which of your TV characters would you play again?

Oh, any one of them. I loved them all. I’ve had some incredible roles. I mean, if you’re talking about One Life to Live or Who’s the Boss or Law & Order. There isn’t one that I wouldn’t love to do again. They were written fantastically and I had a great time doing them all. I would happily go back. I was just talking to Vanessa Williams at the Audience Choice Awards [Light won Best Actress in a Play] about how much we miss our Ugly Betty family. It’s so true.

Now this would be hot. I never watched Light on OLTL ( I was 1-year-old in 1978 when her big story was playing out, so yeah...), but have loved her ever since she played a millionaire who had sex with the help. No, she wasn't in The Arnold Schwarzenegger Story, she was publishing tycoon Angela Bower on one of my fave 80's sitcoms, Who's The Boss? I think it would be awesome-tas-mic to see the actress "Light" up Llanview.

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I know, Wishful Storytelling: What if Aubrey (Terri Conn) is Karen Wolek's daughter? She could have grown up hearing her Ma talk about her good friend Viki Lord (Erika Slezak) back in Llanview, and created all sorts of fantasies in her head about becoming a member of Viki's fancy pants family.

Aubrey could have never let on to her boyfriend/patner-in-crime Cutter (Josh Kelly) as to the real reason she targeted Dumbo Joey (Tom Degnan). Can't you just see Mama Wolek scolding Aubrey on her sinful ways, only for Daughter Meanest to bring up her mother's past of doing something strange for a piece of change? Meanwhile, Viki stands there all a' hissing and carrying on in one of her trademark fits of righeous indigestion.  Come on, Frankie V., get on the horn and make this shiz happen! 

Until then, watch the classic clip of Karen Wolek admitting tricks aren't just for kids, they were for turning, after the jump!