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Louise Sorel Reveals Jarlena's Summer Return in Touching DAYS Exit Interview


The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Prissy, quick, run into town and fetch Dr. Meade. Okay, sorry, but decisions done in a state of abject panic don't inspire me. They just don't. TV Guide's Michael Logan broke news today that will likely thrill many a Days of Our Lives fan (including this one once I'm over being pissed off at the asinine firings), Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are reportedly returning this summer as the iconic Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black. The lovely and legendary Louise Sorel revealed the news to Logan in her exit interview. That's right gang, Auntie Viv is being cut too!

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I know I must sound like the biggest Debbie Downer on the planet, as fans relish in the returns of our beloved Jarlena, but guess what? Vivian Alamain and Carly Manning were pretty damn, effing beloved too, before Ken Corday sat back on his behind and let Dena Higley DESTROY their characters. 

I am going to do my Christian best and try to get into my happy place at the thought of my ethereal goddess 'Doc' tosssing her flaxen locks and purring as she talks, like a perenially horny–yet dignified—house cat (Okay, I can sorta feel the excitement bubbling...NO! I wanna stay pissed!), but I don't like the way Corday does things AT ALL. I guess I don't have to though, because it is his show.  God grant me the serenity to accept the soap execs I cannot change...

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