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One Life to Live Recap: How to Save a Life

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Nora:  He’s gonna be fine.  Oh my God, look at everything he’s survived, you know?  He’s a miracle.

Once again, Robert S. Woods and Hillary B. Smith rock a parent's worst nightmare.  Throw in a little Erika Slezak, and it's a dream.  I'll even toss a little shout-out to Shenell Edmonds whose portrayal of heartbreak is, well... heartbreaking.

Tests aren’t detecting any brain activity from Matthew.  Bo wonders if he’s simply in a coma, but Dr. Doom (that might as well be her name) corrects him.  Nora points out that Matthew proved everyone wrong when he walked again, and she’s certain he’ll do it again.  Dr. Doom mentions a more intensive test, and Nora is adamant they perform it immediately.  When Bo steps away to return a call to the station, he plans to say he’s absent because Matthew was hurt, but will be fine; Nora’s grateful.

Destiny is a wreck as Dani tells Nate that Matthew’s prognosis looks bleak.  As Matthew is wheeled away for tests, Destiny stalks the medical team and is rocked when she overhears Dr. Doom say Matthew is “never coming back.”  Meanwhile, Dani begs Nate to pretend to be family to get information.  Nate finds Destiny inconsolable on the floor, and he’s stunned when Destiny fills him in.  Dani encourages Nate head to work, vowing to stay and support her friend.

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Clint flatlines, and after a round of defibrillation, Clint’s doctor tells Viki and Rex that Clint needs immediate surgery to install an LVAD wire.  Viki breaks it to Rex that Clint is dying, and he feels responsible for exacerbating his condition, similar to when Tess taunted Viki into a heart attack.  Viki reassures him, and though she’s disappointed over Clint’s metamorphosis into Asa, she promises that Clint once had great humanity and she saw a glimpse of that again when he confessed; she hopes Rex gets to witness it before it’s too late. 

Nora leaves a message for Rachel before stumbling upon Matthew’s life in pictures in her purse.  She leafs through and then tapes a family portrait up in his room.  After being alerted by Dani, Viki surprises Nora with a gentle hand before embracing her tightly.  Meanwhile, Bo runs into Rex, who sympathizes over feeling helpless regarding one’s child.  As Nora explains everything, she’s clearly in denial, but Viki is supportive.  Rex reminds Bo that Matthew is tough, but in a state of shock, Bo can only agree feebly, having sadly witnessed no more light in Matthew's eyes.  Before heading back to Matthew’s room, Bo questions why Rex is at the hospital; Rex tactfully avoids the question. 

Viki and Rex compare notes about Bo, Nora, and Matthew.  Clint’s out of surgery and the LVAD was successful, but the most recent heart attack was catastrophic and he only has a short time.  Viki is crushed, but the silver lining is that Clint’s been catapulted to the top of the donor list.

Nora is thrilled when Matthew’s new test finds a small amount of brain activity while Bo wants to know what that means for his future.  They’re delivered another devastating blow when Dr. Doom posits that Matthew minimal chance at best for recovery.  Crestfallen, Bo and Nora hold each other as they sit with their son.

Deanna leaves a message for Nate; she’s certain Matthew will be perfectly fine.  She runs into Rick, and the two banter and commiserate over being down on their luck.  Again, he tries to rope her into porn, promising she’ll make bank, but she declines.  Nate arrives for his shift and Deanna find him in the cafe kitchen vomiting into the garbage can while Rick eavesdrops; Matthew is dying and it’s his fault.

Ford, clad in an orderly uniform, appears in Tess’ padded cell, and she wants him to break her out.  Both flat-out say they do not want Jessica to ever return, but it’s inevitable and Ford is determined to get his son, so he needs Tess’ dirt on Aubrey and Joey before she goes away.  Neither one trusts the other, so they both refuse to help.  When Ford threatens to leave, Tess blurts that Aubrey and Joey’s marriage is a fraud.  He leaves her behind despite her screaming protests, but he changes his mind.  They’re busted by a real orderly, who intellectually trumps Ford before literally tossing him out.

Cutter gleefully informs Aubrey and Rama that he committed Jessica in exchange for the house, but now that Aubrey chooses Joey, he happily tosses everyone out.  Rama worries about herself as Joey tells Aubrey they’ll move into Llanfair, but only stay together for Ryder’s sake.  Aubrey is disgusted with Cutter, but she promises she never meant to hurt him.  She begs him to reconsider the mansion, but he refuses to make her the hero in Joey’s eyes. 

Rama confronts Aubrey about betraying Cutter, but that doesn’t fly.  Aubrey accuses Rama of looking for an easy payday even at Vimal’s expense, and Rama all but calls her a prostitute.  They throw down and engage in hilarious catfight as an amused Cutter tries to protect his new furniture.  Joey puts a stop to the madness, needing help with Ryder.  In their absence, Rama blackmails Cutter with a secret of his only she knows, and Aubrey is pissed when Cutter allows Rama to stay.  On their way out, Aubrey promises to make it up to Joey, but he refuses to listen.