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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Brenda and Alec walk into Sonny’s office and find the dead body.  Brenda screams and yanks Alec out of the room, while Sonny checks out the problem.  Brenda and Alec are sent home and Sonny calls Dante to piece together what might have happened.  Sonny blames Anthony, but Dante wonders if Sonny could be guilty.  Sonny points out that if he’d done it, the body wouldn’t have been found and certainly not left in his office for Brenda to find. 

Dante wants Sonny to let the police deal with things and wonders what's going on. Sonny thinks Anthony is covering his tracks and has an ulterior motive. He believes something much bigger is going on. 

Shawn has a check up with Patrick about an old war injury.  Patrick feels a surgery is needed, but Shawn angrily says he isn’t interested, which raises a flag for Patrick about PTSD. Patrick tells Shawn he should seek treatment for it, as Carly listens in.

Once Carly and Shawn are home, Carly tries to bring up what happened with Patrick. However, Shawn doesn’t want to discuss it and heads off to make plans for an outing with Josslyn.  Tracy shows up wondering where Luke is, and wants to know if Carly helped him.  Carly swears she doesn’t know Luke's whereabouts and doubts he’ll come back.  Tracy says she needs to find him, but Carly brings up that she knew who Luke was when she married him and can’t change the rules now.  Carly says she’s going through that with Jax, but Tracy points out that Luke’s in denial and his drinking is out of control.

Jax asks to meet with Robin to see if she’d be willing to testify for him against Carly.  He mentions the danger of Sonny and Jason.  Robin tells him that she’s a friend of both, but Jax says she doesn’t let Emma hang out with them.  Robin doesn’t agree with Jax’s plan to have Carly visit her daughter and not live with her.  Jax says he always thought Carly would distance herself from Sonny and Jason, especially now since Josslyn is in the picture.  Robin feels Carly is a good mother and she refuses to say that she isn’t. 

Maxie stops by the Star to see Lulu, who explains about Luke leaving rehab.  Lulu wants Maxie’s help to redecorate the Star, but Maxie thinks it won’t bring Luke back.  Maxie understand about father’s leaving, but Lulu dismisses that saying it’s not the same as the Frisco and Felicia situation.  She feels Luke needs a reason to come back, but Maxie thinks Lulu needs to accept that he might not. 

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Steven is running down a patient’s chart while Liz writes out his orders, but she gets distracted by a Jake sighting. Due to this, she doesn’t hear that the patient is allergic to penicillin and fails flag the chart.  Later on when Matt takes the chart, he’s upset to find that the chart hasn’t been flagged.  Liz swears she’ll find out who’s responsible and fix it.

Jax asks Olivia to make note of when Carly hangs out with Sonny and Jason, but Olivia refuses.  He calls her on her hypocrisy of keeping Dante from Sonny, but not helping him do the same with Josslyn.  Olivia refuses to help Jax take Carly’s daughter away from her and tells him to meet Carly in the middle. 

Steve is happy that the Drake's are picking up Lisa’s slack.  Robin thanks Patrick for sticking with her and explains the CarJax mess. Patrick’s happy that they’re okay now.  Steven informs them Lisa has escaped from Shadybrook and they need to be prepared.  Robin figures Lisa has skipped town, but Patrick feels they need to be cautious. 

Maxie meets with Matt and feels she’ll be lousy company for dinner. She explains the Luke/Lulu situation and believes Lulu is in denial. She knows that one doesn’t get over being left behind.  Matt realizes Maxie doesn’t believe anything will last and tells her she can’t blame herself for her parents leaving.  Maxie says it’s hard to not take things personally when both parents take off.  Matt assures her that she’s an amazing person.  

Steve meets Olivia at Kelly’s and explains about Lisa’s escape. He blames himself for not listening to the Drake's and firing her months before.  Olivia feels he was being impartial, since there was no proof. She tells him not to blame himself for Lisa's actions. 

Carly remembers she has a conference call with Jax and tells Shawn to take Josslyn and the nanny on their outing.  He apologizes for being defensive earlier, and explains it’s hard to talk about the war.  She assures him it's fine, points out that he’s good with kids and sends him on his way.

Sonny comes home and Brenda complains about Alec being exposed to the sight of a dead body.  Sonny figures Alec didn’t know he was looking at a dead body and promises something like that won’t happen again. He swears he’s working with the police, but won't tell her who he thinks did it, so as not to involve her.   She rages on that this is all normal for him and his staff, but that an enemy is sending him a message like that is not normal for everyone else. Brenda feels something needs to change immediately.

Tracy stops by the Star and Lulu tells her the plans to revamp the Star for Luke’s return.  Tracy says Luke needs to hit rock bottom, but Lulu’s mad at Tracy and Lucky for making her participate in the tough love approach.  All she wants is to work on the Star, but Tracy says it won’t happen because she’s putting it up for sale.

Maxie stops by Sonny’s office to tell Dante about Lulu’s issues and tells him to talk to her. 

Jax stops by Carly's to discuss Shawn.  She says she has complete faith in Shawn, but Jax tells her that he isn’t a war hero because he killed his own man.