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One Life to Live Recap: Resurrection Shuffle

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Tomas:  We’re going to reunite her with a loved one. ...  He’s not dead; Thornhart is alive.

Tomas “took care of” Marty, but only by making sure she can’t leave the pool house.  Todd blames him for creating a blackmail-worthy disc in the first place, but Tomas is far more concerned about Liam being without his mother.  Todd doesn’t care about Liam, family or not, he only cares about those directly connected to him.  Tomas shakes his head, but gets a reprieve: a call from Claude.  He leaves Todd to mull over their options.

Blair encounters Claude at the cafe, who covers that he wasn’t as ill as he told Tomas.  He apologizes for doubting Blair’s worthiness, and they make nice.  Blair questions her new friend about Tomas’ CIA file, but Claude plays dumb.

Todd drops in at the pool house to convince Marty that Liam needs to be with his mother, even admitting he was wrong to keep Hope from Starr.  Marty believes Natalie is dead, but she’s livid upon learning Natalie survived, granted without any memory of night she went off the roof.  Marty holds Todd at gunpoint, keeping Liam with her while she forces Todd to produce proof. 

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Blair visits Tomas and admits she was relieved he was called away from their date.  She doesn’t want to make a mistake by going too fast, and Tomas is understanding (if sexually frustrated).  Blair spies the newspaper and regales Tomas with her connections to Marty.  His interest piques at the mention of (Cole) Thornhart, but he covers by acting surprised that Cole and Marty don’t share the same surname.  Blair left her pocketbook at the cafe, so they kiss goodbye. 

Tomas calls Claude about Thornhart, revealing his knowledge that Patrick was involved with the Men of 21.  When Todd returns and gripes about Marty, Tomas stuns him with a plan that includes the news that Patrick is alive.

Original Todd cries out the names of his loved ones, but stops cold when he remembers that he “raped a woman... Marty.”  A guard releases him from his shackles, and Original Todd draws him into a trap disguised as a confession.  He head butts the guard, steals his uniform, and contemplates cutting off his hand when he realizes it’s necessary for the security scanner. Sadly, he simply drags the guard to the door and uses his print.  As he’s heads for his escape, he’s stunned to overhear Baker call another prisoner by the name, “Thornhart.”

John hovers above the missing recorder in Angel Square before Roxy shows up.  She babbles about Natalie’s state of mind until she accidentally blurts that Brody and Natalie shared a kiss.  John is affected, and Roxy tries to backpedal until John leaves.  Alone, Roxy finds the recorder and either presses record or play with no volume.  She’s interrupted by a call from Brody beckoning her to the hospital.

John runs into Shaun at the cafe and asks him to keep his ears open at Casa Manning.  Also being distrusting, he agrees.  Blair arrives to retrieve her pocketbook and she and John converse about Tomas.  She promises Tomas is a good guy, so good he showed concern over Marty making off with an innocent child.  She details their conversation, and John is immediately intrigued by Tomas’ curiosity with Patrick.

Natalie dreams about fighting with Marty before Brody arrives.  Natalie clings to Delphina’s prophecies, trying not to panic, but she begs Brody to help her decipher whether her dreams are just that or reality.  She vows to get answers, but Brody refuses to let her leave and calls Roxy to babysit.  Roxy reveals that she let the kiss slip to John, and Natalie is horrified, but Roxy focuses on the upside: John saw the green-eyed monster.  Natalie begs Roxy for real food, and in her absence, Natalie escapes.  Later, Brody is pissed to find Natalie missing.  Meanwhile, Marty vows to permanently dispatch Natalie, just as Natalie hobbles up to the pool house door.

Joey brings Kelly flowers and busts her on doing work.  She gloats about Aubrey, and Joey admits Aubrey begged for another chance, but he would prefer one with Kelly.  He has to stay married for Ryder’s sake, but it’s in name only until Jessica is integrated.  He apologizes for making Kelly second choice, but he was scared of another failed relationship with her.  Now, he’s only fears a life without her.  When Kelly is reticent, Joey wonders if it’s about John, but Kelly insists she just needs to be cautious.  Joey vows to win her back, and they kiss.

Ford finds Aubrey at the cafe with Ryder, and he threatens to out her over not clearing the move to Llanfair with him first. Aubrey busts his bubble and gloats that Joey knows the truth.  Neither have any moral high ground on which to stand, but Ford decides to chance Ryder landing in foster care by outing Aubrey to a judge and petitioning for custody.  Aubrey caves and offers unauthorized regular visitation, but panics about what to tell Joey.  Joey arrives and demands to know where Ryder is, as Ford sits in Angel Square and promises Ryder he will fight for their reunion.