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SMDH: ABC Daytime Looking For "Inspirational, Relatable, Overweight" Moms For The Revolution


Are you overweight, inspirational and relatable and desire to be exploited on daytime TV? 3 Ball Productions has placed a casting call on Craigslist (really?) for "everyday women" to participate on "a new talk show," aka The Revolution. According to the ad:

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Are you a mom who has 50-100lbs to lose and need us to set you up with a trainer and meal plan? Tell us your story!

The Producers of The Biggest Loser have a new daytime talk show for ABC that will help you shed the weight and get your life back!

We are looking for inspirational and relatable WOMEN who are ready to drop the weight and regain control of their lives. On this show, we will provide you with a trainer and nutrition plan to help you lose the weight within your own environment.

Are you engaged and want to lose weight before your wedding? Do you want to lose weight before your husband returns from a deployment? Are you a mom with weight to lose who also happens to be a cook, chef or works in the school kitchen or restaurant, or own a restaurant of your own? ARE you someone whose made a difference in your community and needs help losing weight? Are you a mother of twin, triplets, quadruplets or multiple kids and have your hands full...need someone to help you lose the weight and make time for you? Are you a nurse who group of nurses who want to lose weight? Are you a teacher or principal or school counselor with weight to lose? Are you a stay at home mom with weight to lose?

If you answered yes to any of these, then this is your chance to turn it all around! Since you've been focusing on others, finally, here's a show that is focusing on you!

This is just pathetic. How many overweight people can one production company make a televised mockery—and a fortune off—on?  Shout out to Angel Young for the tip!