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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy refuses to sink more money into the Star, even though Lulu wants Luke to have incentive to come back.  Lulu feels there are better ways to help Luke other than the 12-step program.  Tracy assures her she’s selling for both their sakes and believes Luke is probably not coming back.  Lulu wants to turn it into a real business and feels Luke will be thrilled with the success.  Tracy thinks Lulu is too young to throw her own dreams away on something for her father. Lulu wants to support her father, rather than push him away.  Lulu doesn’t want her family to fall apart, and would rather keep them close, no matter the dysfunction.  Tracy calls her co-dependent and Lulu angrily storms off. 

Jax informs Carly that says he has information on Shawn. Apparently, there's an online video that proves he has no business being around a child. Carly is shocked by this information, but still tries to defend Shawn.  Jax is angry that Jason didn’t do a background check on Shawn and wants Carly to admit that Joss is better off with him.  When he leaves, Carly calls Mercedes to bring Josslyn back.

Sonny swears he’s doing everything to shield Alec from his business and reminds Brenda that she knew what she was getting into when she married him.  Brenda thinks Alec will have nightmares, but Sonny assures her Alec had no idea what he saw.  Brenda just wants him safe.  She begins to cry and says she’s only happy with Sonny. Sonny tells her they’ll get through this. 

Brenda expresses to Sonny that she accepted his lifestyle and thought it was worth it to be with him.  However, she now wants something different because she’s a mother. She knows that she must put Alec's safety first.  Brenda wonders if Sonny would have done things differently. Sonny says he would and swears he can give Alec a good life. 

Dante lets Jason know the crime scene has been cleared and they can use their office again.  He asks that they not retaliate against Anthony and wants to know about Jason’s talk with Anthony at the PCPD.  Jason reveals that Anthony pointed the finger at someone else.  Dante tells him that killing the Zacchara's will not necessarily save Michael. Dante advises Jason to let the police handle everything.

Michael meets Kristina, who apologizes for all the bad things she said about Abby.  She says she was jealous, but now understands that Sonny can’t fault her for dating Ethan, if he’s allowing Michael to date Abby.  Kristina wants Michael’s help in explaining this to Sonny.

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When Shawn returns, he and Carly happily discuss Josslyn and her progress. Eventually, Carly tells him that Jax has incriminating information on him and Shawn realizes he’s a liability. He accepts that he needs to leave, but tells Carly to never stop fighting for her daughter.

Jax goes to see Jason and reiterates that Josslyn will live with him full time, despite Jason’s speech that Joss needs both parents.  Jax tells him about Shawn and wonders why he didn’t look into Shawn’s past before hiring him. Jax rubs his newfound information in Jason's face to prove that Shawn is not safe around Josslyn.

Sonny tells Brenda to stay clear of the business and she'll have nothing to worry about. However, she asks about when Alec gets older and starts asking questions.  Michael and Kristina arrive to talk about the Ethan mess, but Brenda wants to know what it was like for them growing up as Sonny’s children.  Kris says Alexis kept her away most of the time.  Michael sings Sonny’s praises.  Brenda wants to know when they realized Sonny wasn’t a real coffee importer, but they both say they always knew, and kids at school treated them differently.  Kris wishes she had spent more time with Sonny and hugs him. She tells her father she knows he loves her.  Michael and Kristina leave and Brenda understands that the kids love their father. She believes Alec will love him too and hopes love is enough. 

Tracy goes to Dante to let him know the toll Luke's behavior is taking on Lulu.  Dante says all he can do is love and support her.  Tracy feels Luke isn’t coming back and Lulu needs to understand that Tracy loves her. 

Lulu meets with Nikolas to ask him for an investment to buy the Star.  He points out her inexperience in running a business and says he’d rather invest in her and not Luke.  In the end, Nik gives her the money, but reminds her there are no guarantees.

Jason leaves a message for Spinelli to look into Shawn’s past.  Carly shows up and explains that Jax has damaging footage of Shawn. As a result, she had to let Shawn go, because she needs to focus on hanging onto Joss.  Jason agrees that Joss has to come first and is angry with himself for not having checked out Shawn more thoroughly.

Dante stops by the Star and Lulu tells him she’s now the owner.  Dante doesn’t look happy, but says he’ll support her. Lulu accuses him of thinking it’s a bad idea. 

Jason stops by to give Sonny a progress report.  Sonny explains about Alec seeing the body and Brenda freaking out.  Brenda comes down and tells Jason that Sonny will retire and Jason can take over the business.  

Shawn seeks out Jax at the Metro Court and lights into him for using his resources to open military files and violate his privacy. He warns Jax to watch it because he’ll push back.  Jax says Shawn has no integrity or conscience and claims he isn’t a war hero, but an embarrassment to everyone in uniform.  Shawn punches Jax, as a horrified Carly watches.