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Uh Oh: Paris Hilton Flips Out Backstage After Intense Interview On The View


Paris vs. Babs. The New York Post is reporting Paris Hilton wasn't thrilled by the questions she received this past Wednesday on The View. The celebutante appeared on the talk show to promote her new "reality" series, The World According to Paris. According to the paper, Hilton was not amused when Barbara Walters  had her up against the ropes about the sincerity of Hilton's philanthropic endeavors. Hilton was also reportedly miffed that Walters took offense to Hilton griping about having to do court-appointed community service, stemming from her 2010 drug arrest.

According to the paper, Hilton and her father ripped into a View producer off-camera following the segment. While the Hiltons' rep declined to comment, a rep for The View admitted the incident took place. Check out what allegedly got Paris and Pops hot at the 2.04 minute mark below!

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