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One Life to Live Spoilers: Shane Stands Up to Jack!

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A kiss, an arrest and a little payback turn things upside down in Llanview. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of June 6.

Rex/Gigi/Blair/Jack/Shane: Blair and Gigi will get into a nasty argument after Gigi refuses to serve Jack at Rodi's. Jack takes off to the gym, where he will see Shane learning how to box from Cristian. Jack will continue to pick on Shane. For a change, Shane won’t take things lying down and will purposely drop a barbell on Jack's foot. Jack is going to threaten Shane with more bullying, but Shane simply tells him to "Bring It". Rex will be proud of his son for finally standing up to Jack.

Later on, Gigi will give Shane some motherly advice, while Blair gives Jack quite the tongue-lashing. Jack will not listen to Blair and attempt to get another one over on Shane by pretending to be a female interested in Shane on Myface. However, Shane doesn't fall for Jack's trick and flips the script. A furious Jack will not give up on revenge and sets a trap for Shane with his buddy Brad. Sam will walk in on the boys getting things together for Shane, but they send him away. Meanwhile, Gigi will be getting ready marry Rex, when she gets word from Shane of Jack's recent antics. When Shane leaves for the wedding, Gigi will make a special visit to La Boulaie to take care of Jack Manning. Will Gigi make it to the wedding? 

Bo/Nora/Matthew/Clint: Bo and Nora will have to make a difficult decision when the doctor tells them Matthew's condition has not changed. Bo will be devastated with grief when he runs into Rex. Bo updates Rex on Matthew and is going to ask about Clint's condition. Rex will tell Bo that Clint's only chance at survival is a transplant. Bo is going to reluctantly admit that Matthew is a match for Clint, as Nora listens in. She injects herself their conversation and informs the men that she will never give up on Matthew. Nora will make it crystal clear that she is not going to even consider donating Matthew's heart to Clint. Will Matthew and Clint pull through their respective illnesses?

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Roxy/Natalie/Brody: John will hand over Liam to Brody with instructions to take the child to see Natalie. At the hospital, Roxy will attempt to cheer up Natalie. Before she can give Natalie the tape recorder, Brody will show up with Liam in tow. Roxy will head out as the "family" shares an emotional reunion. Natalie and Brody will kiss again and brush it off as a heat of the moment reaction. They soon realize they are lying to themselves and confess they may have real feelings for one another. However, the duo comes to the conclusion that things would be too complicated to last. John shows up and Natalie will tell him about the tape recorder. Their chat will turn into a close moment. However, the moment won't last long because Brody will interrupt. Meanwhile, Roxy will attempt to play the tape recorder. Will Brody and Natalie become more than friends?  

Rama/Cris/Vimal:  Rama and Cristian will continue to grow closer. Tea manages to get Vimal released from jail. When Vimal returns home, Cutter will devastate him. Vimal will ask Rama if he's telling the truth, and she validates Cutter's claim. Is this end for Vimal and Rama?

Ford/Tess/Joey/Aubrey: Ford and Tess will finally realize they are falling for each other. Later, Joey and Aubrey will show up at St. Anne's to pick up Ryder from Ford. While there, Tess will try another one of her tricks on Joey, but he won't fall for it. Tess doesn't realize what she's in for when Viki signs off on electro-shock therapy for her. Before the treatment begins, Tess will confess her feelings to Bess. Simultaneously, Ford will be pouring out his feelings for Tess to James. Will Ford find a way for Tess to stick around? 

Marty/Todd/Tea/Tomas/John: Marty will suddenly grow a conscience and spill her guts about John being Liam's real father to Todd. She wants to tell John herself, but Todd will convince her otherwise. Todd is going to tell Marty that she has been through enough, and swears to tell John the truth himself. Marty eventually agrees to Todd's terms and will leave to be with Patrick. At Todd's house, John will burst into the pool hose to find Liam in Tomas' arms. Tea will be floored to see them there. Tomas will tell John that he stumbled upon Liam in pool house, because he heard a child crying. John is going to be suspicious of Tomas' story, as will Tea. Tea is going to ask her brother if he was really telling the truth about how he found Liam. Tomas is going to keep his original story, but that won't stop Tea and John from getting into it over Tomas. As they argue, Tea is going to remember that Todd made it a point to keep her away from the pool.

Soon after, Todd will show up and be subjected to John questioning him about Marty's possible location. Todd pretends to know nothing about Marty's whereabouts and almost tells John the truth about Liam, but decides against it at the last second. Later, Todd will be arrested. Todd's arrest will pique Tea's interest in his and Tomas' part in Marty's disappearing act. When will the walls come tumbling down for Tomas and Todd?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (June 13):

  • Ford and Tess hit the sheets!
  • Gigi is caught in Jack's trap.
  • John receives Marty's tape.
  • Blair is being watched.
  • Jessica battles for control.
  • John is livid.