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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Stephanie Starts to Crack!


Stephanie: Oh what a tangled web La Forrester has created... Stephanie shows she has a heart when she sees how much Brooke is hurting over the lie she and Thomas concocted.

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Brooke: Logan tells Hope she's been a terrible mother to her and asks for her forgiveness. Later, Brooke calls Taylor over and has a frank conversation with her. Eric, Stephanie and Taylor are shocked speechless when Brooke announces she's divorcing Ridge.

Taylor: Doc works her mojo on Ridge.

Oliver/Hope/Liam/Amber/Marcus: Things aren't looking good for Ms. Moore. Marcus pops up for a visit and asks once again if he is the father of her baby. Amber starts to get scared he just may be her kid's father and decides to have Carl perform another paternity test. Meanwhile, Bill has a chat with Liam and schools him on how to handle the Moore women. Later Liam and Hope go on a romantic trip while, Oliver talks to Brooke and asks how he can win over Hope once again. Oliver and cousin Whip bond talking about their failed relationships.

Amber starts having contractions while Carl is administering the paternity test and winds up going into labor. Liam and Hope's getaway is ruined with the news of Amber being in labor and the two take off. Amber keeps trying to relay to Carl how important it is to get the test results of the paternity test while she's in labor. Oliver takes Hope to Big Bear in order to keep her mind off of Liam and Amber. The Spencers along with Tawny rush to be at Amber's side at the hospital. Amber discovers the test results will be a bit late due to a mix up at the lab but later on she finds out who the real father of her kid is.

Justin: He talks to Marcus about changing his last name.