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One Life to Live Recap: Bruised But Not Broken

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Marty:  The woman Patrick fell in love with is long gone.

So long, Susan Haskell!  It’s been one hell of an exhilarating, award-winning ride!  (Ignoring, of course, these clearly slapdash last few episodes.  What was that?)

At the air field, Marty tells a disbelieving Todd the whole truth about Liam’s paternity.  Her justifications begin to wane, and she’s swept up in an avalanche of remorse.  Marty assures Todd the incriminating disc is safe; she, apparently, never viewed it either.  Todd smirks that Marty’s suffered enough and he prods her to be with Patrick, but she can’t face him after everything she’s done, including murdering Dr. Buhari.  She’s desperate to make personal amends, but Todd insists that turning herself in won’t reverse any of her actions and he encourages her to “heal thyself.”

Original Todd hides on the idling plane until he seizes an opportunity to distract Patrick.  He tries to escape, but he’s thwarted by the guard’s return.  When the guard tells Patrick that Marty is saying goodbye to her “old friend, Todd Manning,” Original Todd nearly spits in his hiding spot.

Marty wonders why Todd is pushing her toward a happy ending, and he admits that he owes her.  She agrees, and when the guard tells them it’s now or never, Marty decides to leave.  She tearfully forces Todd to promise two things: reveal the truth to John, and tell Cole she and Patrick will return for him.  Marty spies Patrick in the distance and runs to him.  Todd’s happy to be finally free of Marty as Original Todd, who has managed to deplane, eavesdrops from behind a barrel.

With his hands in his pockets, John kicks open the poolhouse door and finds Tomas holding Liam.  Tomas claims he heard Liam crying and discovered the baby alone.

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Brody searches Casa Manning, to Tea’s dismay.  When he finds Liam’s pacifier under the couch, he questions her, but she’s clueless.  John enters with Liam, and a grateful Brody is overcome before making a beeline to Natalie. 

Tea is royally confused, and she and John demand the truth from Tomas, who adheres to his story.  John bellows that Marty is dangerous which prompts Tea to encourage John to search for her rather than arresting Tomas.  Alone, Tea remembers Todd tap-dancing to keep her from the poolhouse as Tomas calls Claude to assure him everything went according to plan.

Roxy works overtime to cheer up Natalie, who’s giving in to “pestilence.”  She breaks out the recorder, but a doctor interrupts them to admonish Nat for breaking out of the hospital.  As Roxy begs Natalie to remain positive, Brody surprises Natalie with Liam.  Roxy gives the trio alone time wherein they share an emotional reunion and Natalie admits she feared she was being punished for hurting Jessica and John.  She and Brody bond over their relief, and he confesses that she and Liam mean a lot to him.  He then seals the sentiment with a kiss.

Gigi drops Shane off at the gym to train with Cristian, who does his best to remain neutral given his friendship with Blair.  Cris gives Shane a pep talk and tosses out Ford’s laminated workout regiment, promising Shane he can provide a workout that will make Shane grounded and strong.  As Shane lifts weights, Cris is distracted by an upset Rama, who fears she will disgrace Vimal and both their families.  Cris is reassuring, and she’s touched when he tells her she’s beautiful.

Blair busts Jack for being at the cafe, but he couldn’t go to Todd’s because of a swarm of police.  Bratty as ever, Blair accuses him of being completely self-centered before calling Tea out of concern.  A waitress brings Jack cake, but Gigi, having just arrived at work, takes it away, claiming they “don’t serve bullies.”  Jack is incredulous, and Blair tries to make peace.  Jack gets a call from Brad beckoning him to the gym to torment Shane, so Jack lies to Blair that he’s going to the library.

Jack and Brad approach Shane, immediately taunting him about his parents and how all the kids at school are “chipping in for a parachute.”  Shane decides it’s time to fight back, and he drops a barbell on Jack’s toe and laughs at him for “crying like a little girl.”

Blair and Gigi have words, but when Blair insists Jack is trying to be better, Gigi accuses Blair of not understanding nor seeing the truth.  They’re interrupted by a call from Cristian regarding Shane and Jack’s altercation.

When Jack accuses Shane of dropping the barbell deliberately, Gigi insists it was only in response to Jack looking to make trouble.  Having caught Jack in the library lie, Blair orders him to stop whining and go home with the driver.  Meanwhile, Rama thanks Cris for being a friend and kisses him on the cheek, but they falter and fall into a much more passionate kiss.

Back at the cafe, Gigi is proud of Shane, but she warns him against letting things spiral out of control.  Shane receives a threatening text from Jack, but he gleefully fires back that Jack should “bring it.”  Roxy arrives to tell Gigi that Liam has been found.  She reaches into her purse and realizes she left the recorder on; the battery is dead.