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Ex-GH Writer Raising Funds For Play Based on Vietnam Era Writings of Late TV Producer

Former General Hospital script writer Karen Harris hasn't been letting grass grow under her feet since leaving Port Charles. Harris, who also served as co-head writer for Port Charles and All My Children, as well penning scripts for such 80's classics as Knight Rider and The Incredible Hulk, has been busy working on a new play that will bring to life the writings of late TV writer/producer Nick Corea (The Incredible Hulk, Walker, Texas Ranger, Renegade, Star Trek: Voyager), detailing his experiences in Vietnam.


The play, which is being put on by the non-profit Veteran Center For Performing Arts (VCPA) is seeking donations via Kickstarter. Check out this synopsis for the project:

In 1965, Nicholas John Corea, USMC, deployed to Vietnam as a machine gun team leader. He went back for a second tour in 1968.

Congress felt he deserved a purple heart for the wounds he received during combat...and they gave him one. We believe he deserved a chance to talk about the invisible wounds he received AND the lifelong battle he fought as he tried to leave the war behind. With your help, we're giving him that chance!

When Nick Corea returned home he became a professional writer, director, and television producer. Nick also wrote a series of short stories about his time in Vietnam. Sadly, he passed away before his stories were able to be shared.

However, his stories have been handed on to the VCPA to turn into a play. Our intent is to share these in order to tell the story not only of what it's like to serve but also of what it's like to come home and still be living the war every day.

While combat may change from war to war, the veteran's experience after the war changes very little. And we as a society continue to let our vets down by forgetting them and the sacrifices they made for us

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That sound you hear is me pulling out the trusty debit card to make a donation. As the son and grandson of veterans I know all to well the stories they have, and need to share. Art heals.  For more information click here.