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Garin Wolf Reveals What to Expect on General Hospital


Newly christened General Hospital head writer Garin Wolf talked to TV Guide'sMichael Logan about what type of stories fans can expect in his Port Charles.

TV Guide Magazine: What's Garin Wolf all about? How does he plan to move GH forward?

Wolf: I want to make this a nice, easy transition. I want to bring balance to the show. I'm very big on secrets and romance and triangles. I'm a child of Dickens and Doug Marland. I love Dexter and Desperate Housewives. I'm very eclectic. I love to combine a lot of different things, which is what's great about soap operas. I love multi-generational stories. This is an amazing cast and I want to use everybody. I want to mix it up and bring back the entertainment. I want to bring back the reality to the characters' lives. If you're a cop, what is your life really like? Even in the most outrageous storyline, there must be some kind of identifiable emotion. I don't care if we're talking about a mobster or a plumber — you have to watch and say, "I know how he feels. I've been there." And we really need romance. For me, that's all about yearning and obstacles. You have to know who you are rooting for and rooting against. I want to bring back villainy — dishy villainy, fun villainy, dangerous villainy. This is going to date me. My earliest soap opera memory is having a crush on Ann Flood on The Edge of Night when I was 7 years old. And I went from there to Dark Shadows. Growing up, comic books were soap operas for me.

To find out what Wolf has to say about GH's staus after their timeslot in major markets was given to Katie Couric's new show, click here!

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