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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Jason explains his conversation with Dante to Sam and wonders if it’s time to quit the business.  He admits he’s been arrogant and uncaring, but wanted the power.  Sam points out that he sounds exactly like Michael. Jason questions why he’s still in the business if it’s so wrong.  Sam asks what he would do if he got out, and Jason says he still needs to help Carly with the custody and Michael with his issues. However, Sam tells him Michael needs to be independent.  Jason asks her if she wants him to get out, but Sam says he can’t run away from his past. She feels he likes the risks too much to quit. Sam tells him she loves and doesn’t want him to change. 

Sam goes on to say that giving up Jake didn’t save him; so giving up the business won’t help anything.  She doesn’t think he would be happy doing anything ordinary.  The two talk about traveling, but she points out that Spinelli, Carly and Michael would likely fall apart without him.  Jason gets a call from Bernie and has to leave, but thanks her for listening. 

Lante make love in the Star.  Afterwards, she says it’s the first time she’s been able to let go since Jake’s death. She was trying to control everything and pushed him away. 

Lucky didn’t want to chase off Luke and feels he needs to find him and fix it.  Siobhan wants to help and go with him.  Siobhan helps him figure out where Luke might be.  Lulu and Dante show up and Lulu apologizes for blaming Lucky. She says she had no right to judge.  Lucky tells Lulu she was speaking the truth, and he has decided to find Luke.  Before leaving, Lucky informs his sister that it’s not true that Luke loves him more. Lucky admits that he needs to let Luke come to terms with his own drinking and shouldn’t have shut him out. He reminds Lulu there’s no guarantee Luke will be found. 

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Maya apologizes for lying to Ethan.  Her boyfriend says that things are better now that the truth is out and leaves Methan alone to talk it out.  Ethan kicks himself for not having seen the signs.  Maya explains that she’s decided not to go back to Port Charles. She confesses that she loved being married to Ethan, but was scared to fall in love with him.  Ethan points out that the marriage would have been annulled if Edward hadn’t stepped in.  Maya wants Ethan to yell and scream and blame her, but he basically lets her off the hook.  She asks about him, but he lies and says everything is great. He realizes that it’s time for their marriage to end. 

Maxie runs into Spinelli at Jake’s and they discuss Lulu's issues.  Maxie’s worried about her, but believes Luke is gone for good.  They soon discuss Spin's book, which warrants praises from Maxie.  The Drake's and Matt show up, making small talk about a patient that Matt saved.  Spinelli seems upset by the interruption.  Maxie complains about her new assistant and then chokes on a fry.  Before Spinelli can move, Matt performs the Heimlich on her.  Maxie calls him her hero. 

Ethan returns to Kelly’s and updates Kristina on Maya.  Kris is angry that Maya couldn’t be bothered to tell him the truth, especially because of the Luke issue.  Ethan mentions that he didn’t tell Maya about Luke, and never told her that he envisioned a future for her.  Ethan advises Kristina that if she ever feels that strongly for someone, don't wait to let them know.  Kristina realizes how deeply hurt Ethan is, and wonders where will he go from here.  Ethan tells her he’s going to the Dominican Republic for a divorce. 

Back at the Star, Dante wants Lulu to let loose, but she needs to take care of some things first. For now, she’s just happy her family will be back together.  Dante warns her that it won’t be that easy for Lucky to find Luke and bring him back.  She says she needs to order more alcohol, because Luke could be home in less than a week and she needs the place to be up and running for his return. 

Lucky’s happy that Siobhan is coming with him to find Luke.  Siobhan promises that they’ll find Luke and bring him home.  Lucky says that if his father wants to destroy himself, he will.  Siobhan warns him not to let Luke destroy him too.