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One Life to Live Recap: Plain Truth


Nigel:  You’ll find out soon enough... once I put Miss Rama’s information to the Buchanan’s use.

The New Lord of the Buchanan Manor, Cutter, struts around the mansion in his tiny speedo, much to Nigel’s dismay.  As Nigel contemplates quitting, a newly released Vimal arrives and is confused that all inhabitants are either out or evicted.  Vimal and Cutter get acquainted, and Vimal is horrified to learn how Cutter acquired the mansion. 

At the gym, Rama and Cristian make out until she pulls away and deems it inappropriate.  She decides they must avoid each other because it will only lead to more passion, which she demonstrates with another kiss before leaving Cris in the lurch.  Blair spies the embrace and warns him that getting involved with a married woman is a bad idea.  It will end up on the Internet, or worse, Vimal will be released and Cris, who can’t stop thinking about the kiss, will get hurt.  After her workout, Blair sees a news report about Tomas finding Liam and she smiles.

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Cutter reveals to Vimal that Rama isn’t pregnant, as she walks through the door.  She and Vimal fawn all over each other, as Cutter lies that Rama’s been doing nothing but pining away for someone else.  When Vimal wonders about the pregnancy, Rama lies that Cutter’s clueless.  Rama sends Vimal to find her water and crackers, and in his absence, she threatens Cutter and dangles his secret, as Nigel eavesdrops.  Vimal returns and worries Rama when he vows to be by her side at all times throughout her pregnancy.  Nigel informs a pleased Cutter that he will remain in Cutter’s employ. Alone, Nigel salivates over potentially playing hero for the Buchanan's.

At the airfield, John suspects CIA involvement and relentlessly questions Todd about Marty’s disappearance.  They argue over things both men “pushed Marty to do” and their general treatment of her as Original Todd seethes in the corner.  Todd finally alerts John to a morsel of knowledge, but when John bites, Todd jokes that he likes John’s hair and John promptly arrests him.  Original Todd hangs back and wonders what the hell is going on. He ponders that if the other man is Todd, then who is he?

Tomas gripes about Todd’s radio silence, and overhearing, Tea calls him on being anxious.  She badgers him for the truth, but he promises she shouldn't worry.  He’s irritated she’ll protect him from the police, but doesn’t actually trust him. Tea reveals her suspicion that Todd knew Marty’s whereabouts and fears Tomas did as well.  Tea is thrown for another loop when Todd calls to tell her he’s at the station and under arrest.  After Tea leaves, Blair drops by and surprises Tomas with a passionate kiss as soon as he opens the door.

At the station, John is annoyed to find out that for all intents and purposes, the plane Marty was likely on doesn’t exist.  Tea arrives and blasts Todd.  He’s being charged, but Todd continues to play dumb.

Natalie and Brody share a kiss, and realize they can’t brush it off or forget it happened.  Amidst a refreshingly honest discussion, they both admit that their feelings for each other have changed, although Natalie doesn’t want to mess with the good dynamic they have.  She believes his life is with Jessica, but Brody thinks Jessica isn’t putting up a fight.  They want each other to be happy, and if that means being with Jessica and John, they don’t want the other to give up.  Natalie thinks she and John have finally found some peace, so she doesn’t want to stir the pot and cause another division.  Whatever they may be, Natalie and Brody are happy with the family they’ve created.  Brody steps out, and as Natalie and Liam wait for his return, John shows up.

Ford is late returning Ryder, so Joey barrels into the station to file kidnapping charges.  Aubrey tries to talk Joey down because she doesn’t think Ford has the means to take off, nor would he ruin his chances in court.  She stands by her decision to give Ford visitation and not risk foster care, but Joey is certain she only wanted to save herself and her connection to Joey.  They overhear a call from St. Ann’s reporting Ford’s unacceptable visit and take off like a shot.

Ford brings Ryder to St. Ann’s and lies to a senile nun that he’s Mr. Wentworth.  He and Tess snark at each other and tap dance around their alleged feelings until Joey arrives and blasts Ford.  Tess tries to save the day by claiming to be Jessica and insisting that Ford is a hero for bringing her Ryder and facilitating a breakthrough.  She wants to go home, and Joey offers to make her a “Joey Special,” but he asks her to remind him about the ingredients.  When she thinks it’s a drink, he busts her: it’s a sandwich.  Joey wrenches away Ryder and he and Aubrey leave in a huff, as the staff ejects a barred Ford.