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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin, Patrick and Emma show up at the hospital and Liz watches as the happy family interacts.  Nikolas notices and says he knows she’s thinking about Jake.  Liz says she’s happy for them, but it reminded her of Jake.  She admits the nights are hard because she dreams of Jake, and worries she’ll never get over that feeling. 

Johnny's upset to find out Jason torched one of his shipments, but Anthony’s not concerned, because everything is going according to plan.  Johnny doesn’t want a war with Sonny, or for Anthony to underestimate him. Anthony is not worried about Sonny, since he’s distracted by his new wife and child.  He wants Johnny to get with his program. 

Sam and Abby hang out at Kelly’s and Abby says she’s looking for a job. She also mentions she broke up with Michael because of his obsession with the mob.  Sam wonders why she doesn’t ask at the Metro Court for employment, but Abby doesn’t want to take a job from Michael’s family. 

Soon, Michael shows up, so Sam takes off.  Abby’s happy to see him and informs him that all charges against her have been dropped. She thanks him for helping her through everything.  Michael shows her an acceptance letter from PCU and asks her if she applied for him, but she denies it. 

Jason finds Spinelli in his office going over video footage of the Zacchara shipment going up in flames.  Jason admits he’s behind it, hoping to piss off Anthony and get Johnny to shut him down.  Spinelli asks him if he’s ever frozen in the moment and explains that he didn’t do anything when Maxie was choking. 

Robin asks Liz how she’s doing and Liz admits that it’s one day at a time.  Robin invites her for dinner and Liz accepts.  Robin also asks for her help in pooling patients for a paper she’s writing.  Liz thinks Robin is only trying to keep her occupied, and doesn’t want to be babysat.  Robin swears she needs Liz’s help and Liz admits she’s trying not to let things affect her job. 

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Matt finds Maxie arguing with a Crimson client on the phone and solves her problems by speaking directly to them.  Maxie complains about her new assistant and says she misses Lulu.  She wonders if there’s something more out there for her, saying she likes to solve puzzles.  Matt tells her to beat her assistant at her own game. 

Patrick goes to Johnny and tells him that Lisa has escaped. He wants to know if John helped her.  Johnny swears he had nothing to do with it and won’t help her if she shows up.  Patrick tells him not to believe anything Lisa tells him, because she's not a victim.  Johnny says he has compassion for her, and feels everyone deserves redemption.  Patrick warns him that Lisa will play him again, and advises him to do the right thing.

Kristina meets with Sam to ask her to talk to Alexis about Ethan.  She promises that Methan’s marriage is over, so that conflict is out of the way. Kris goes on to say that Ethan confides in her and they understand each other.  Sam isn’t happy about the situation and feels it’s a bad idea to get involved with a married man.  Kristina points out that Sam is with Jason, and they complete each other. She claims that's what she feels for Ethan.  Sam points out that Ethan might not love her back. 

Michael stops by to ask Jason if he applied to PCU on his behalf, but Jason denies it.  Jason tells him that he and Johnny are at war, because he needs him to shut down Anthony.  Michael points out that Jason didn’t go to college, but Sonny treated him with respect.  Jason tells him he needs to figure things out himself. 

Spinelli shows up at the Crimson offices telling Maxie that she has a virus on her computer and offering to fix it.  The two make small talk and Spinelli has one of his PI dreams.

Nikolas runs into Robin and the two discuss Liz and the hard time she’s having. They wonder if it's affecting her work.  Robin assures him that Liz is always a professional but she’ll look after her. 

Back at the hospital, Patrick tells Robin he went to see Johnny, because he’s worried Lisa will go there for help.  He worries that he's the reason Lisa turned into a psycho, but Robin assures him that’s not the case. 

Sam stops by Jason’s office and is happy to see him all fired up and back to work.  She’s happy he’s doing what he does best.  Jason tells her about Michael and PCU. He hopes this is a turning point for Michael.  Sam tells him Michael and Abby are working things out and asks if he’s still planning on quitting.  Jason says he’s has too many things to care of first. 

Lisa shows up at Johnny’s, worried that she’ll be locked up in an asylum and asks for his help. However, Johnny has his own crap to deal with.  She begs him to help her, but he says she needs help from a real doctor. Lisa points out that he’s killed plenty of people, but Johnny doesn't react. Suddenly, she grabs his gun and tells him to pull the trigger, because she’d rather be dead than caught.

Anthony shows up at Abby’s and reminds her that he did her a favor by catching the hit woman. She's quick the throw the fact that he set her up for murder back in his face.  He swears it wasn’t him or Johnny and offers to get her a job in his attorney’s office.  Michael shows up and is infuriated to find him there.