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Is Gary Tomlin OUT at Days of Our Lives?!

Another day, another upheaval at Days of Our Lives. TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco tweetedGary Tomlin has been fired as executive producer of the NBC sudser.


My summer predix came true: Gary Tomlin has been fired!

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Oy vey. I sure hope all this behind-the-scene scrambling pays off, but I have to be honest for every good move, it seems Ken Corday is making a bad one. Tomlin, who reportedly set the tone for One Life to Live's cost-saving production model when he helmed that soap, brought those skills to Salem. While DAYS hasn't been exactly great to look at visually, Tomlin reportedly whipped the budget into shape and was responsible for luring back top talent like Crystal Chappell, who was also recently let go.

Tomlin and former DAYS co-head writer Chris Whitesell were also rumored to have been the brains behind the Nicole/Sami/Mia baby switch storyline a few years back which put the soap back on course creatively. I tell you what, Corday better be really sure about everything he's doing, or this kind of chaos could backfire for the soap.

Thanks Gush900 for the tip!