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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny asks Carly and Alexis to come to his office because he wants to plan a graduation celebration for Kristina and Michael.  He wishes to throw the party at his house and have the restaurant cater, but Alexis is unsure of everything. Carly points out that Alexis is likely concerned about the safety issue, and personally, she (Carly) can’t deal with Brenda. As a solution, Carly offers up Alexis’ place and everyone is in agreement. 

After Alexis leaves, Sonny asks Carly about the custody battle.  She reminds him that he promised to help her, and she’ll need it.  Sonny thanks her for pushing Michael to finish school, but she says Michael deserves the credit. 

Michael tells Anthony to leave Abby alone, but Anthony claims he’s helping her get a job with his lawyer.  Anthony's response doesn’t sit well with Michael, since the lawyer is the one who got Brandon released from jail.  After much back and forth, Abby asks Anthony to leave, which he does, but not before he puts in a dig about getting her charges dropped. 

After he’s gone, Abby makes a snide comment about mobsters like Anthony, but Michael swears he’ll never be like him.  Abby apologizes for giving him the ultimatum and swears she doesn’t want to control him. She feels they don’t judge each other, and she’ll accept him no matter what.  They start to make out and Abby finds the acceptance letter in his pocket and asks about it.  Michael thinks he knows who sent it in. 

Lisa tells Johnny she’d rather be dead than in a facility, being made fun of because she used to be a doctor.  Johnny vows he’s done protecting her and plans on calling the police. Lisa pleads for Johnny's help again, saying she's out of options and her life is in his hands. She wants him to help her get out of the country and obtain a new identity. He reminds Lisa of her many crimes and is upset that she used her relationship with him as a cover to keep going after Patrick.  Lisa swears she’s learned her lesson, which is something Claudia never did.  Johnny’s not happy she’s invoking Claudia’s name to get his sympathy. Lisa promises that she’s done with Patrick and says that he’s not worth dying for.  Johnny finally agrees to help her out of the country. 

A drunken Ethan is on his way to the Dominican Republic and is not happy when Kristina shows up on his flight.  He doesn’t want her to go with him, and worries about Sonny’s reaction.  Kris tells him he needs her, because he's a mess due to Luke and Maya's recent turmoil. She informs him that it’s her turn to be the supportive one.  She promises to deal with Sonny if he ever finds out.

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When they arrive at the hotel, they have only one room with one bed. Ethan promises to sleep on the couch, while they wait for the next day to get the divorce.  Kristina says she’ll text her mother saying that she’s staying with a friend and the two make plans to have fun. 

Liz and Robin make small talk about marriage counseling and Lisa being gone.  Patrick asks Liz if she’s going to be helping them with their project, but Robin brushes it off. Liz apologizes for getting upset with Robin. 

Olivia is helping Steven pack up Jake’s stuff to take to a homeless shelter.  Steve talks about the good times he had with Jake and is glad she’s helping him out.  Liz gets home and is furious that Steven is taking away Jake’s stuff.  She says he has no right to tell her how to grieve and it’s her job to decide when to get rid of Jake's things.  Liz wonders if Olivia is just there to suck up to Steve.  Steve says he asked Olivia to help and apologizes for upsetting Liz before leaving. 

Anthony arrives home to find Lisa there.  He commends her for her plan to kill Robin and frame Patrick, but slams her for getting caught.  Lisa explains that Johnny will help her get out of the country. Anthony wonders if she’ll be happy performing medical procedures in a back alley somewhere, while Patrick gets away with everything.  He offers to help her get revenge. 

Anthony brings her to a small apartment that he’s been keeping from Johnny. Lisa accepts his previous offer and vows that everyone will pay.

Olivia goes back to Liz’s to apologize and reminds her that she asked Steven to take care of Jake’s things, since it would be too difficult for Liz to do.  Liz is shocked that she would forget that conversation and worries that she’s losing her mind. 

When Steve gets back to the hospital, he explains to Robin what happened with Liz.  Johnny shows up looking for Patrick and lets them all know that Lisa called from Canada asking for money. 

Michael meets with Carly and accuses her of sending in the PCU application, but she denies it. Nevertheless, she is happy that he’s been accepted to a university so close to home. 

Alexis finds Molly talking about the Dominican Republic.  At first, Alexis thinks Molly is setting up her and Mac on a romantic getaway. As she keeps digging deeper, she is shocked when Molly admits that Ethan is getting a divorce and will be with Kristina.

Alexis goes to Sonny and tells him to fire up the jet, because they need to get down to the Dominican Republic before Kristina marries Ethan.