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One Life to Live Recap: Giving Up the Ghost

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Viki:  You couldn’t be more wrong.  Look, Tess is a part of Jessica, but she’s only a part, and I want the whole person back!

Settle in for a long one here, y'all.  Also, I’m just going to issue a blanket “Hillary B. Smith and Bob Woods are kicking butt, taking names, and shoring up Emmy reels”, which will no doubt apply through the rest of this storyline, m’kay?

Bess warns a straight-jacketed Tess against biting the staff (her doctor wasn’t so lucky) before accusing her of falling for Ford.  When Tess admits as much, Bess reminds her she’s not real.  Meanwhile, Dr. Leven reveals to Viki that Ford visited Tess and she became violent afterward.  She’s fighting harder than ever and drastic measures must be taken, so he suggests ECT. However, Viki is vehemently opposed, remembering the previous horror caused by Mitch.  Dr. Leven promises that done in a controlled environment by professionals, ECT is safe.

Viki gives Tess an ultimatum: relinquish control to Jessica or face ECT.  Jessica has a full life, whereas Tess is simply a defense mechanism. Tess responds by voicing her fears that if Jessica is integrated, she’ll be relegated to only a wisecrack or a flash of cleavage, so she refuses to let go.  Outside the cell, Viki tearfully authorizes ECT.  Later, Tess is dragged kicking and screaming to treatment.

Ford admits that James was right: he’s falling for Tess, and he almost told her after he tricked a blind nun into letting him into St. Ann’s.  James calls him on reaching a new low and teases him about “going steady,” but he reminds his brother that Tess isn’t real.  Ford refuses to listen (or is a complete moron) and insists that Tess is not just a “one-dimensional fragment.”

Nate continues to blame himself for Matthew’s dire situation, but Deanna treats it like Matthew has a skinned knee.  Nate hates lying to Dani, though Deanna reminds him she lied first.  James arrives with good news for Deanna: he found her a job at a car wash.  As they leave for her interview, Deanna discreetly advises Nate to be patient; she’s proof that things can change for the better (because they’re remotely the same.)

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Viki shows up to warn Ford to stay away from Tess.  Tess is the mother of his child (no, she’s not) and he’s concerned, but Viki insists his contact is detrimental and Jessica is in desperate need of help.  Ford blows a gasket over ECT, accusing Viki of being selfish and trying to get rid of Tess because she’s “not the one you want.”  No, Viki wants her daughter, but Ford doesn’t care.

Jack lays his fake-girl-on-MyFace trap, but Starr busts him for even being online.  Dani arrives and shocks Starr with the bad news about Matthew.  They share sweet, amusing memories, and Starr decides to set up a well-wishers MyFace page.  Jack panics when she grabs the laptop, but when Starr spies “ComicGirl15,” Jack lies that it’s an unavailable girl he likes.  Later, Jack, the actual fool, calls Brad to brag about Shane looking like a fool.

Shane calls Jack’s online bluff until his parents interrupt to tell him that they’re altering their wedding plans.  Given Matthew and Natalie’s predicaments, the downscaled festivities will be at City Hall... today.  Gigi beams when Shane actually smiles.  They’ve all been through a lot and it’s time to become an official family, bullies (Stacy, Clint, Jack) be damned.  Rex decides to check in on Bo before the ceremony, and on his way out, he and Gigi prematurely vow “‘til death do us part” before kissing goodbye.  Later, Gigi yells at Shane for being online, but when she hijacks the laptop, she’s shocked to see he’s flirting with a girl.  Shane corrects her: it’s Jack, posing as a girl.

Nora is researching cases similar to Matthew’s when Dr. Doom blithely tells Bo and Nora there’s been no change in Matthew's prognosis in the last few days, and since he’s running on little brain activity, she’s concerned with his quality of life in the long run.  Nora fumes over her casual attitude, but Dr. Doom can only offer two options: long-term care or shut off life support.  The more she goes on, the more Nora breaks down in Bo’s arms.  An eavesdropping Destiny bursts in and begs them not to let Matthew die.  Nora promises Destiny she won’t give up. 

Ignoring Nora’s clear repulsion given the fact that Matthew is still technically alive, Dr. Doom suggests organ donation, and when she’s annoyed by Nora’s refusal to even consider it, she puts Bo on the spot. 

Destiny sits with Matthew and begs him to come back to her.  They’re connected, and their night together meant everything.  She freaks when she feels a parental hand on her shoulder, but it’s just Starr, who overheard.  Starr remembers Matthew’s long-ago crush on Starr, and she smiles that he's now found the right girl, as she knew he would. 

In the hall, Nora questions why Bo said nothing, but he couldn’t because he’s just... numb.  He fears Matthew is no longer there, but Nora finds that absurd.  Though Nora can’t explain it, she knows he’ll recover with time and support from his parents.  Nora encourages Bo to talk to Rex who knows what it’s like to fight for a child.

As Nora caresses her son’s hand, Starr asks a reticent Destiny to breakfast while Nora reminds Destiny that Matthew needs her to take care of herself.  Nora thanks Starr for the MyFace page and tearfully asks for prayers.  Choking back tears herself, Starr ushers out Destiny.

Bo fills in Rex, and Rex is flabbergasted that organ donation is even a consideration after only a few days.  Bo is in awe of Nora’s hopeful grasp, but worries it’s a fruitless effort.  He senses Rex’s discomfort, and Rex reveals that Clint’s on borrowed time and waiting for a B-negative heart.  As Nora promises Matthew that so long as there’s a heartbeat in her body, there will be one in his, Bo realizes that Matthew is a match for Clint.