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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky figures out that Luke is hanging out in the brothel he grew up in and explains Luke’s childhood to Siobhan. She understands, having had a drunken father herself. Lucky feels Luke had to grow up faster than most, but he doesn’t doubt that his father loves him.  Siobhan points out that Jake’s death has taken its toll on Luke. Lucky wants his father to believe he’s a good man. Siobhan tells him to go to Luke on his own. 

Ethan wakes up with a hangover and Kristina has a Bloody Mary cure for him.  She’s determined that they aren’t going to waste the beautiful day and he worries about Sonny’s reaction to everything.  When they find out Ethan can’t get his divorce until the afternoon, Kristina dares him to a race around the pier.  When they get back to the room, Ethan discovers he was conned by a kid and Kris believes that he let it happen.  Ethan says he’s lonely without Luke around and claims Maya was only following her heart.

Alexis is trying to will Sonny’s plane to go faster, due to the delayed start.  Sonny promises to take care of Ethan when they find them, but Alexis points out that it’s Kristina’s fault as well.  She feels she didn’t set the best example, considering her past list of men, but Sonny commends her for raising Kristina right.  Sonny mentions that he warned Ethan to stay away from Kris, but since he didn't, Ethan disrespected Sonny. However, Alexis is more worried about Ethan disrespecting Kristina.

Alexis swears she’ll have the marriage annulled, while Sonny continues to go on about taking out Ethan. Alexis reminds him that he can’t because Ethan is Luke’s son, but it doesn't matter because Luke is self-destructing. Alexis feels taking Ethan out will push Luke even further over the edge.  Sonny finds out where the kids are staying and heads over there with Alexis.

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Lulu stops by Crimson for her last paycheck and Maxie begs her to come back to work, but Lulu’s not interested.  Maxie points out that fixing up the Star won’t bring back Luke, but Lulu tells her that Lucky is trying to find him.  Maxie wonders how long it will be before Jason goes after Luke.  Lulu explains that Jake's death was an accident and anyone could have been the culprit. She swears her father feels terrible for the whole incident. Maxie thinks Luke doesn’t appear sorry and wonders why Lulu would want him back.  She feels it’s best if Luke stays gone. 

Dante stops by to ask Jason about the burned Zacchara warehouse, but Jason denies it and tells him to call Diane.  Dante wonders how Michael will want a better life if Jason doesn’t quit.  Jason point out that Anthony is on the verge of destroying the town.  Dante gets angry and says if a war starts, he won’t be able to look the other way. However, he understands why Jason isn’t walking away from a war, because he’s likely still in a lot of pain. He just wants him to stop it for Michael’s sake.

Maxie calls Dante to Crimson, because she's worried about Lulu. She wonders why he didn’t stop Lucky from going after Luke, but Dante says he can’t tell either of them how to deal with their father.  Maxie feels Lulu needs to be pulled out of her funk, and has pulled some strings to get Lante to go on an all expense trip to France.  In exchange, he has to convince Lulu to go back to Crimson. 

Lulu goes to Jason and tells him about Lucky's search for Luke. She asks him to stay away from Luke when he returns.  Jason points out that Luke was drinking and killed Jake. In turn, Lulu asks if he wants to kill Luke as payback.  Jason reminds her that Luke keeps coming at him, but admits he won’t do anything to Luke because he wants him to suffer and relive it everyday like Jason does.

Brenda and Robin are hanging out on the docks when a car backfires and Brenda screams, thinking someone is shooting at them.  She apologizes for overreacting, but feels unnerved due to the target on her head from marrying Sonny. Robin points out that it’s a huge adjustment and Brenda knows she has to think about Alec now. She asks Robin if she’s a bad mom. 

Maxie stops by Jason’s and apologizes because for her previous actions. She understands that everyone focusing on Luke as the driver overshadowed Jake’s death.  Maxie says she understands a little, having lost Georgie. Before leaving Maxie tells Jason that if he ever needs someone to talk to, she’ll listen.  Jason thanks her, as she heads out the door. 

Dante tells Lulu about the trip to France and she says she would love to go, but ultimately refuses because she has to spend time with Luke. 

Ethan and Kristina are in the judge’s chambers waiting to get his divorce.  Strangely, Kris has decided to dress all in white with a bouquet of flowers for the event.  Alexis and Sonny show up to stop the proceedings and are surprised that it’s not an Ethina wedding, but a Methan divorce. 

Lucky finds Luke in the brothel and Luke is impressed that Lucky found him.  Luke tells him to walk away and not look back, but Lucky can’t because his father taught him to show up when it mattered.  Luke says guilt won’t send him back, but Lucky admits he was wrong.